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November 9, 2015 in Science


Bewarerodents contributions of sensible videos to this infowars forum…………


Bewarerodents contributions of idiotic WOOTUBE videos from various debunked idiots to this infowars forum…………


Number of posts deleted and put under moderation because he can’t handle the criticism…


what do I think of his pathetic censorship and idiotic videos?




I’m sorry I couldn’t resist..

Infowars.com Videos:

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  1. And in his first outing, sockmouse posts a video here


    which contains NO VIDEO AT ALL.

    It’s a 30 minute butt kissing interview with AwE. And who among the millions of AwE followers was chosen to represent the “whisper”? What a surprise, it’s Adrian, the sole member

    • …and right on cue around the 20 minute mark, the old “I got to close to the truth and they deleted all my articles” song and dance. Predictable as the rising sun. Alsjinsider called it, lol!

      • Yep the establishment got terrified of him posting freely available WOOTUBE video’s, I guarantee that if anyone was even remotely interested in checking, they would all still be there.

        As the immortal bugs bunny once said… “What a maroon!” :D

        • It is very simple. Both BM and Adrian get very uncomfortable when they do not have absolute control and censorship of any given media. They are, in effect fascist dictators in all ways except the practical. Their various spoutings have been recorded forever and they both do not like that much. Their frustration is that they can do nothing about it and they know it.

          This of course does not mention that BM and Adrian are mutually incompatible. BM claims we went to the moon and found aliens, Adrian claims it is impossible to go to the moon in the first place. Given the thirty min “interview” that BM posted, neither of them has the courage of their convictions. Did BM tell Adrian he was wrong? Nope. Even though he believes that.

          Did Adrian tell BM he was flat out wrong? Nope. Even though Adrian believes that to be true.

          How shall these twain individuals reconcile these differences? I don’t know, their world views are mutually incompatible.

          Do I care? No. The comedy car crash will be amusing to watch, but no more than that.

          Far more amusing is how both are entirely happy to toss previously held and sacrosanct beliefs under the bus in order to pretend to some manner of “support”.

  2. LOL good try man… wrong answer… but that is normal for you

    • Actually I predicted it spot on LOL!

      • *****Deleted Comment because it was just more Ad hominem abuse, is this all you have left in the locker??*****

        • Which exact comment did you delete?

          This is not your thread so it could only be your own comment.

          Why are you deleting your own comments and then claiming censorship?

          • I deleted a bit of abuse aimed a me, it’s pretty pathetic really as he continually accuses me of simply abusing him in posts, when I have in reality been giving legitimate argument. But as you have said, It is all still on record.. :)

            A bit like Adrian, accusing me of spam, so I replied with this… “How is pointing out your errors in understanding SPAM? You consistently misquote and show your lack of understanding of what is written. How many times have you used your “So you agree with the whisper line” when the author of the comment has done no such thing? You are frightened of criticism, especially when you make glaring errors in understanding basic physics, as you did with your radiation posts. Sweeping your inherent lack of understanding of these matters under the carpet by deleting posts is the action of the three wise monkeys, hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil. You claim that NASA have been hiding things but when faced with evidence that counters your claim, you censor it!”

            How in hell is that Spam? He of course deleted the comment.. What complete COWARD’s they both are.

  3. Aww, does that mean Adrian is gonna have to find a new pet sychophant?


  4. BM has deleted all of his own posts.

    Goodness, if only there were an independent archive of those posts. I wonder where such at thing might exist?


    • He’ll blame me, he blames me for everything lol.. :)

      • Actually he’ll pop up with a sock account and claim he was silenced by the MIB.. :D :D

        • And with that, sockmouse has appeared.

          • sockmouse? dont think so, do you really think i would be so vulnerable? good luck with that..

          • Are you now denying that you are the very same individual as “bewaremouse”?

            Are you now denying that you intentionally deleted all of your posts under the BM persona? Including all of the cogent responses people took the time to compose?

            Are you unaware that those posts and responses are recorded elsewhere independently and cannot be erased?

            Did you think it would all just go away if you deleted it here?

            do you really think i would be so vulnerable?

            No. I think you are gullible, easily influenced, dishonest, against free speech, against science, hypocritical, illiterate and of limited intelligence. The evidence for this was here until you deleted it. Now it resides elsewhere and there is nothing you can do about it.

            As for your latest foray under your new sock puppet account, why exactly do you think anyone would bother to post any well researched and cogent response when we all know that you will ultimately delete it anyway? Credibility is not a boomerang. It does not return once thrown away.

            You have not only been kicked to the lunatic fringe, you have kicked yourself to the lunatic fringe on purpose.

  5. OOOPS where did he go? LOL! :D

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