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AWE130 told me to read my post. So I did. And now I regret it.

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October 9, 2015 in Science


On October 6, Awe130 posted this in reply to me:

“You are a CLOWN, “Complete Loser On Worldwide Network” read your posts son.”

so I read my post, and what I read stopped me in my tracks dead with concern.

a*** replied to one of your updates:

“Hello my dear how are you doing today I hope that everything is OK
with you, My name is Miss A*** contact me at my private email
address at (a*********@***.com) So i can tell you more about me
and also send my pictures directly to you, Thanks

What the hell is this? Just for the record, I don’t require any photos of you. However, please feel free to contact infowars admins to verify this message did reach my account.

Oh dear. The “whisper” is showing its true colors now, is it??

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2 responses to AWE130 told me to read my post. So I did. And now I regret it.

  1. It looks like the infowars Science pages are being Spammed out of existence, mind you it makes more sense than Adrian’s and rodents nonsense. :D

    • It got me curious. It isn’t just the science pages.

      The range of topics is bizarre. Who on earth wants a “Global Mattress Market Report”?
      Or an “Automotive Clutch Market Report”?

      Google the names, or addresses or phone numbers. They all lead back to “virtual” offices.

      And how did they bypass the captcha? Either manually, in which case this is one dedicated spammer, or they hacked it, in which case the server software here is compromised. (check what you saved in your profile boys and girls)

      And lastly, where are the moderators in all this?

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