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Apollo moon landing debate live on the 22nd of december 2012

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December 14, 2012 in Science


Dear Friends,
AwE130 has asked youtube user Astrobrant2 to a live online debate about the ALSJ and photoshopped material. After our publication of the real story behind AS11-40-5863/69 and contacting Ed Hengeveld the person who created the image, our website and personal computers are attacked and hacked, as well personal information is stolen. We are trying to get our website back online as soon as possible. We are trying for a few years now to unite people from both sides of the Apollo moon landing debate. From the beginning there was a small well informed group online that acted very aggressive sometimes. In the beginning AwE130 ignored it as we are not to interested in name calling and ridiculing people that have an other opinion. AwE130 would find answers to question we did ask, this resulted in corrections in the ALSJ of errors and missed information. We contacted the chief editor Eric Jones and told him our position of doubt, and that if the moon landing did really happen as suggested in the ALSJ we would in the end come to that conclusion. We started to correct the historical information and in the beginning everything seemed quite promising, as our first results did get corrected in the ALSJ. AwE130 communicated directly to the chief editor of the ALSJ. Until we revealed the real story of AS11-40-5863/69, at the moment we shared the information with the chief editor of the ALSJ we where shocked how he reacted. AwE130 got told not to contact people without the chief editor asking us to contact people? Well we told him that we would just contact people if we thought it was important for our investigation and that we do not need anyones authorization to ask someone a question. After that the ALSJ asked AwE130 not to contact them anymore. This is in a nutshell what happened.

We thought that the reactions we got from Eric Jones did sound strange and did not fit a man with the status he should have as chief editor of such important archives. AwE130 started to do an investigation into the question, does the top of the ALSJ support or even participate in the ridicule, insult and bullying behavior we see on youtube and other social media today? This we will also debate with astrobrant2, and maybe he is willing to give some more background of the group he is part of that ridicules, insults and bullies anyone who disagrees with them. We hope none of them is related to the ALSJ in anyway? The debate will take place on the 22nd of December 2012 and will be live broadcast on different websites, as well the awe130.nl website. It maybe a bombshell debate and who knows what is gone be revealed? We will inform you when we have the exact time the debate is going to take place.

Peace to you all




PS: We have friends on both sides of the debate and AwE130 would like to let you know that most people within NASA and the ALSJ are honest and friendly people. We also have support from both sides of the Apollo moon landing debate for our work on altered photo and film material. We have been threatened and personal files are stolen from our computers. We do not accuse anyone, some people have warned us and we take it serious.

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