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Apollo missions as seen by Japan and India.

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October 3, 2015 in Science


A common cry from hoaxtards and conspiraloons rabidly obsessing over their claims of alleged NASA fakery of Apollo is that there is no independent confirmation of the missions from elsewhere. Apparently, all the photographs taken by the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter chock full of surface details not visible in pre-Apollo images, and showing the precise locations of the hardware and trails leading to hardware are just not enough.

Well, here’s something for them to chew on.

Two space agencies, independent of NASA, have written papers identifying a brightening of the lunar surface around the area of Apollo 15′s landing site near Hadley Rille. Here’s some reading that shows their findings:

JAXA paper

ISRO paper

Both of those papers show images from their own probes covering the landing site, and they identify the region where the lunar surface’s reflectivity has been altered in comparison to images taken before Apollo 15 landed.

What they don’t identify, however, is something more interesting. Here are images from Chandrayaan (left) and Japan (right) from the two links above compared with the LRO’s view of the same site (centre).

You can’t see any hardware on the Japanese and Indian images, but you can see – exactly where the lunar module is – dark areas that show disturbed ground.

You can also see disturbed ground in the Kaguya image exactly where the ALSEP is, as well as signs of a trail linking the two.

This adds another site to India’s successful imaging of Apollo sites, which included Apollo 14:

and Apollo 16:

Apollo landed on the moon. Japan and India’s images confirm what sane people already know.

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