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Apollo 12 and Apollo 14 photos are shown in perfect sequence, 100% proof something is wrong.

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November 7, 2013 in Science


Credit for finding this youtube user e1visinpersonator

Apollo 14 and Apollo 12 photos are shown in perfect sequence,

This article will show you that someone has used the same sequence of images for the Earth rise event during Apollo 14 and Apollo 12. In December 1969 Apollo 12 did bring back the following Hasselblad images AS12-47-6879 to AS12-47-6895 of the Earth rise during Apollo 12. In February 1971 Apollo 14 did also bring back Hasselblad images from the Earth rise AS14-66-9224 to AS14-66-9228. These images from Apollo 14 and Apollo 12 are from one and the same film roll as we will show you. The following video will put the last four Apollo 14 images of the moon rise and the first seven Apollo 12 images of the moon rise behind each other. You will see that they are in a perfect sequence. Forget the “Earth” look at the big crater in the middle.


When you compare the last image of the Apollo 14 moon rise with the first image of the Apollo 12 Moon rise you will see that the crater is exactly the same. Shadows artifacts it is all there in both images. For more pictures and information about how it maybe done click here. Images below AS14-66-9228 and AS12-47-6879

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