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Apollo 11 images photoshopped in the ALSJ and the reader does not get informed.

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November 21, 2012 in Science


The AwE130 Archives

When you agree with us we ask you to contact the ALSJ and NASA, to tell them that the information needs to be corrected as we are all info-warriors. 

Click here for email you can copy and send to NASA and the ALSJ.  public-inquiries@hq.nasa.gov

21th November 2012

Again we found photoshopped material in the ALSJ again the visitor is not informed in the caption of the images. AwE130 will inform NASA and the ALSJ of those images. We found some works that are clearly artistic presentations, created by Erik Meijgraaden and David Harland. The ALSJ does not inform the visitor of this in the caption of the assembled panoramas. We would like to see that the ALSJ will inform the reader better of artistic presentation. This kind of poor labeling could well be one of the reasons why more and more people doubt the Apollo photo material all over the world.

ALSJ information with images:

110:43:33 Pan 3 ( 1.6 Mb or 0.4 Mb ) Buzz took this pan from the rim of a shallow crater north of the LM. The frames are AS11-40- 5905 to 5916. Assembly by Dave Byrne. Thumbnails by Joe O’Dea. High resolution version with anaglyphs in context ( 10 Mb ) by Yuri Krasilnikov and Eric Jones LM portraits by David Harland ( 3.4Mb ) and Erik van Meijgaarden has created an alternate LM portrait ( 7.5Mb ).

Nothing in this caption is informing the reader of “photoshopping” or artistic freedoms used to create those assembled panoramas. This is wrong in our opinion from a historical point of view and we ask the ALSJ to correctly inform the reader. In the images below we just have pointed out the artistic freedom used to create those images.

In the image of Erik Meijgraaden you will see that the rock shown in the David Harland images is not shown at all. And the rock that does show up in the David is not in the correct position as shown in the AS11-40-5915 and AS11-40-5916 the original images used to create the assembled panoramas from.

Credit for images to NASA

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