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Apollo 11, Dozens And Dozens Of Photoshopped Images Found In The Apollo Lunar Surface Journal.

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November 9, 2012 in Science



AwE130 We are the whisper

We have found 100% photoshopped images in the ALSJ, After revealing the true story of AS11-40-5863-69 we have now found more photoshopped images in the ALSJ. The problem is that the ALSJ does not inform the visitors in anyway that the images are photoshopped. This is incorrect from a historical ethical point of view.

We have released this information to inform NASA and you of what is going on with the ALSJ and the historical and ethical values. We hope the ALSJ will take our hand and work together with us. We do not accuse anyone of fakery or trying to mislead the readers. We think it is just an error that needs to be corrected. We ask the ALSJ to credit us for revealing this information. As images that are not corrected presented could be  a reason for people to doubt the photo material. This study is only concerning the Apollo 11 section in the ALSJ. But we have also found photoshopped and altered images that are artistic presentations in the other missions archives. This is a serious matter that needs to be addressed and corrected as soon as possible. 

We had contact with the ALSJ editors before but after we addressed this photoshopped material they did not want to speak to us anymore? They are aware of the problem and in private emails before they broke the contact they told us that they understand our concerns. What was disturbing to us was that they also added that they could correct it by labeling the images correctly as we had suggested or ignore it? How can they ignore this? We are shocked by that reaction and we need your help to address this problem. We have informed NASA about the shocking answer we have got from the ALSJ. We make the point that it is possible that the doubt
 many people have about the Apollo moon landing photo material could be related to those artistic images that are badly or not at all labeled as altered.


Peace to you all
Team AwE130

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3 responses to Apollo 11, Dozens And Dozens Of Photoshopped Images Found In The Apollo Lunar Surface Journal.

  1. BTW, How the hell did they get through the Van Allen radiation belt ?
    If you can’t make it to the moon, then fake it to the moon!

  2. NASA love photoshopping and video editing like go_0gle

    • Alex Jones has told he knows that the images are faked? But he never pays any attention to it. Also George Noori has stated a few times the he thinks that images are altered? Richard C Hoagland witnessed in 1969 a note handout to journalists that Apollo 11 was fake? Many of use are not sure anymore about the Apollo moon landings anymore. If this NWO does exist they are the once that cover it up, and they know what really happened. AwE130 also thinks that something is wrong with the photo and film material and we try to find answer to questions we have. If the Apollo moon landings are real or faked we do not know the answer to that question at this point, but we will investigate it and listen to what both sides in the debate have to say.

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