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Apollo 11 and the LPD

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November 13, 2012 in Science


Landing Point Designator (LPD). The Commander can look through a set of scribe marks on his window and the LPD angle will tell him where to look along the vertical scale to find the place where the computer thinks they are going to land. When we compared the still images with the 16mm film footage we did notice that the LDP lines do not show up in the still images. We are searching for the answer to this question.
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  1. Alex Jones has told he knows that the images are faked? But he never pays any attention to it. Also George Noori has stated a few times the he thinks that images are altered? Richard C Hoagland witnessed in 1969 a note handout to journalists that Apollo 11 was fake? Many of use are not sure anymore about the Apollo moon landings anymore. If this NWO does exist they are the once that cover it up, and they know what really happened. AwE130 also thinks that something is wrong with the photo and film material and we try to find answer to questions we have. If the Apollo moon landings are real or faked we do not know the answer to that question at this point, but we will investigate it and listen to what both sides in the debate have to say.

  2. What would one think with an agency staffed with Nazi’s, that basically thought if they couldn’t make it to the moon, they would fake it to the moon.

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