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Against Mind Control: De-Programming & The New Media

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December 21, 2012 in Science


Source: ScottKeisler.com

When people think of mind control, they think of dangling a pocket watch in front of a person’s eyes, snapping their fingers, and laughing at the victim while he or she walks around dazed, grunting like a chimpanzee.  (I used this analogy on The Vinny Eastwood Show last Monday night.)  But mind control is usually more subtle than that.  On a basic level, unless we’re dealing with programming that is trauma-based, mind control is essentially taking the broad spectrum of reality and placing it into a tiny little box.  The controller then proceeds to brainwash the victim into thinking that the tiny little box represents the totality of reality, when in fact the little box only represents a thin and often quite distorted sliver of the overall picture.

This box-making technique is precisely what the lamestream dinosaur media engage in today all over the planet.  They omit.  They distort.  They lie.  They manipulate.  They squeeze.

Listening to conservative / alternative media outlets, so many want to go on and on about liberal bias in the mainstream media.  And of course that is not to say that there isn’t a bias and that the elites controlling the media and the channels of information distribution aren’t trying to push their philosophical system on us – of course they are.  But at some point liberal bias has to be old news.

How about the fact that the media – including FoxNews – are essentially state run (insert here parenthetically special interests, banksters, and the military industrial complex), and they are engaging what can only be described as mass mind control.  Through various techniques including but not limited to operant conditioning, neuro linguistic programming, hypnosis, peer pressure, appeal to authority, repetition, and by being able to limit and control the debate, a barrier is created which effectively prevents people from ever getting outside of the constricting little box that is created in the process of playing the whore.

Those intrepid enough to wander off the false-reality plantation are labeled tin-foil hat wearing terrorists who need to be disarmed.

This is all reinforced by weaponized pop culture, a.k.a. the entertainment industry.  The fake narratives coming from the news media are cunningly injected into entertainment.  When people are watching a movie or a TV program, they aren’t generally thinking about politics, economics, or philosophy, they are watching the movie because they want to be entertained.  They want to escape from reality for 107 minutes.  Generally speaking, their intellectual defenses are down which presents a great opportunity for manipulators to work in the establishment’s hidden agenda, often on an unconscious level.  (Like George Lucas says, come at people sideways instead of head on.)

Included in what I have just described is predictive programming (see The Dark Knight films and The Hunger Games).  Many of Hollywood’s top directors and producers know how to string together specific emotional sequences in a particular order.  In other words there’s a formula in play in which the audience is being manipulated and played like a fiddle.  Through this process the viewer is made more pliable and more receptive to the message the producer / director is trying to get across (usually an occultic neo-pagan collectivism under the guise of a humanitarian high horse).  Subliminals are also employed.

Study after study shows that people unconsciously emulate what they see in TV, film, and/or high drama.  I apologized if this seems crude but it’s basically a case of ‘monkey see, monkey do’.  Reality really does begin to imitate art.  That’s why the Soviets called it the Culture Creation Ministry.

The word media is the plural form of medium, which in an occult sense is someone conveying a message from ‘the other side’.  And I would define ‘the other side’ as I recently heard Russ Dizdar do so – the demon-fallen-angel collective that forms the Luciferian hierarchy.  As Alan Watt has pointed out, Hollywood, or holy wood (wood = wand), refers to the magician’s wand casting a spell over the masses.  In light of what we have just learned, the name seems highly appropriate.  And Hollywood isn’t content with just destroying America through her poisonous entertainment, she exports her sorcery on a global scale to the nations of the world who fall all over themselves to imitate our shallow and destructive Madison Avenue culture.

Hollywood and the news media are the PR wing of the Luciferian New World Order crowd.

If my book, The Omega Manifesto, were a film, the tagline would be shattering the false-reality matrix in which most people live.  I count ScottKeisler.com among the new media because I seek to report real news, I seek to report the way the world really works, and I seek to hold the proverbial feet of the establishment to the fire.  I seek to be a watchdog rather than a lap dog.  And if that involves doing a little muckraking, so be it.  That’s what a real journalist is supposed to do.

The establishment wants to form your opinion for you (often through pre-packaging ideas) so they can control you.  They build $25 million sets and train their talking heads on how to sound and appear authoritative.  They are hoping that you will fall for their slight of hand.

Contrastly, I seek to inform your opinion so that you can freely think for yourself and make your own decision.  But if you do find yourself consuming the lamestream dinosaur propaganda, ask yourself – what bill of goods is the establishment trying to sell me here?  What agenda is being pushed?

Once we unplug from the false-reality matrix, the four walls of the establishment’s tiny box can be terminally breached.  And when that happens, when we finally evacuate the New World Order plantation, it becomes difficult to imagine how we could have remained chained inside the tiny little box for so long without recognizing the mind control for what it was.

Once you’ve broken the trance, the bill of goods looks pretty ridiculous.

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3 responses to Against Mind Control: De-Programming & The New Media

  1. Excellent piece. Lifton’s eight criteria for thought reform are: Milieu Control, Mystical Manipulation,
    Demand for Purity, Confession, Sacred Science, Loading the Language, Doctrine over person, and
    Dispensing of existence. All eight criteria are firmly in place in today’s modern mainstream society. The Confession criteria is taken care of by Facebook, of course! I read his book “Thought Reform and the Psychology of Totalism: A Study of “Brainwashing” in China” many years ago, before I realized that this was taking place on such a large scale.

  2. If you keep writing stuff like this you could end up getting a column somewhere. Dang!

  3. WOW, I am blown away. The opening paragraph of you article is fantastic. Though I have already been aware of mind-control of this sort, you described it in such a way that anybody could understand it.

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