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ADRIAN Reduces Hoax Argument to Spam

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November 1, 2015 in Science


AWE130 or Adrian, as he prefers to be called, has now been reduced to spamming the infowars website with posts. After being shown up for having little or no knowledge regarding radiation and how the effects were ameliorated. He has reduced the argument to decades old quotes from the 50′s and 60′s which have no baring on the Hoax argument.

Added with his CONTINUED use of putting comments under moderation and deleting them entirely serves to undermine his whole argument!!
Example 1:-
alsjinsider said on November 1, 2015
Your comment is awaiting moderation.
and Spam is essentially what your post is, it is pointless. What on Earth are you trying to prove by quoting things like this? It has no relevance whatsoever. People make predictions, people make errors in those predictions, people are fallible. You have seriously gone off the rails. Not that you were ever on them.

alsjinsider said on November 1, 2015
Additionally we only have to look back to 12th October to find a similar post by you..


So commenting on future missions is ok for you but if someone else does it they are “looking into you glass onion (crystal ball).” You are a total hypocrite!!

awe130 said on November 1, 2015
Many more articles we have will show how top people talked in the sixties and early seventies about the moon and space exploration in the 80s. Nothing was achieved as we all know today. We are the whisper and the past is catching up the lies of today. In the end no ALSJ CLOWN is willing to have a live audio debate online with the Whisper. Obvious they know that they will not be able to defend what they also know is not true. Apollo never landed a man on the moon and that is the truth.

alsjinsider said on November 1, 2015
Please refer to the original topic if you want to comment on it as you continually refuse to comment fairly on topics, resorting to deleting and placing under moderation…. The original comments have been saved at the usual venue and have been linked on the original topic..
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alsjinsider said on November 1, 2015
Your comment is awaiting moderation.
Stored and now reproduced on the original topic, that you are too cowardly to post on as you like to control what is said.. :D The truth seeker afraid of the truth.. :D

Example 2:-

awe130 said on November 1, 2015
Read again where do we say we believe the moon is transparent? You are a CLOWN again we ask people to see if they can film it to see if there is any truth to it. It is claimed to have been observed that the moon is transparent and the 7th of November is an opportunity for people to see is they may be able to confirm it. Now are you gone film the moon on that date or are you blindly believe in your glass onion?

CLOWN=(Complete Loser On Worldwide Network)

alsjinsider said on November 1, 2015
Your comment is awaiting moderation.
Oh dear back with the insults, is that all you have now? :D There is a simple explanation for the effect that crow is asking people to look for. Anybody with even a simple grasp of physics would understand what is happening, do you? :D :D

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6 responses to ADRIAN Reduces Hoax Argument to Spam

  1. I submit that 99% of ALL hoax arguments are nothing but spam.

    …and I’m being generous with that last percentage point.

  2. Pot, meet kettle. Clean up your own house before you criticize someone else’s. Try to do a better job than you displayed on youtube.

  3. When your little chum continues to:- Post irrelevant garbage concerning conjectures, from obscure scientists in the 50′s, 60′s and even earlier. When he continues to delete and place LEGITIMATE comments under moderation, you are not the arbiter of what a constitutes a relevant post Mr Rodent.. :)

  4. Any comments I make are legitimate, the FACT that you and your little bum chum can’t handle the truth is your own problem, if you feel the NEED to actively censor posts (and how hypocritical of you is that? considering that you both profess that NASA are hiding things! lol) I will have no option but to post separate topics in BANNER headlines (last two topics 340 and 90{so far} hits respectively). But the posts you are making are hardly worth the effort to even reply to, as they consist (as usual) of links to the idiotic WOOTUBE videos of others.

  5. Quote “bewaremouse said on November 2, 2015
    i disagree and i dont have a high standard …. ”

    That much is certain. Low standards are your forte.

  6. So the truth is told by rodent, My comments are “A pain in the azz!” That is the reason that he and Adrian can’t face them and feel the need for censorship, their lies and idiotic claims exposed for what they are..

    and DD has it right, your standards are low, because you accept the lamentable standards of the idiotic wootube videos that you champion, you are a first class nubskull! :D

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