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Yes We Can

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December 3, 2012 in Resistance


“Yes We Can , Yes We Can, Yes We Can ” Hmmm… sound familiar .. the inglorius words uttered from the pre-pubescent 44th U.S President Mr. Barack Osama …sorry Obama .. Mr. Sadam Hussein Obama.. wait a minute … that’s not right .. Mr. Barack Hussein Obama during his inauguration speech 4 pain stakingingly long years ago. The slow N.L.P talking , fast to condescend and either mock or preech god… to be down with his “peeps” because he walks/talks and smokes like a gangsta type o’president…

Don’t rememba his “Gansta Moves” well here’s a few examples to refresh your memory:

  • Rememba when… Obama running around for two years as a candidate when the unemployment was 5% saying we have the worst economy in 70 years ? Which is now at 41% :(
  • Rememba when… Obama traveled to Denmark to lobby for Chicago’s Olympic bid?
  • Rememba when… Obama said unemployment would not go beyond 8% if his “stimulus plan” was passed? That was a lie :(
  • Rememba when… Obama promoted “Summer Recovery Tour”? … but little else than just “promote it”
  • Rememba when… Obama ordered that the Guantanamo Bay military prison camp be closed within a year. He had no idea then ( and has no idea now )
  • Rememba when… Obama claimed he’s in charge the oil spill since “day one” ?
  • Rememba when… Obama said “I will not add 1 DIME to the debt … which he’s now added $5,696,206,400,691.90 the highest EVER for a US President ?
  • Rememba when… Obama got 535 million dollars for Solyndra to create approximately 4000 jobs? ( It’s 135K/job ! )
  • Rememba when… Obama let AG Eric Holder announced that The terrorists would be tried in fed court in NY without consulting the FBI or NYPD.
  • Rememba when… Obama said Cambridge Mass Police acted “stupidly” while openly acknowledging that he did not know “all the facts”.
  • Rememba when… Obama has lied and manuplated is response and connection with Gaza and anything that has to do with revolts in Israel
  • Rememba when… Obama said he opposed the AZ’s immigration law but then admitted he had not read it.
  • Rememba when… Obama used the word ‘enemy’ for fellow Americans, fellow citizens. He used it for people who disagree with his agenda of bigger government.
  • Rememba when… Obama said he wouldn’t sign the NDAA .. and did not only that but some of the serverist cyber security acts to date ( eg: Israel)
  • Rememba when… Obama said he would make lobbyist meetings transparent and give citizens (5) days to pre-review any bills online before he was to sign them…


Well, I’m here to say Mr.O Dawg .. if you don’t mind me calling you that … that yes I want to live the G-Life too!
You’ve convinced me O wise Obama man.. whom first claimed to be heaven sent and ” I Am God” to the ironically now Bible hating and psalms attacking president we’ve now been politcally forced to love..you know if we don’t want to be labelled a racist and all…

I want to live in a country/world/existence where I can too pursue my goals,dreams, aspirations …without the heavy burden of having to be tie down to that heavy ball and chain a.k.a my “Birth Certificate”. You know the one … that pretty little federally issued piece of paper that I can literally check on the stock exchange to see my personal “net” worth … no slavery pun intended ;) but yes that piece of paper….I want to tear the club up with it and operate as a “middle man” just like yourself . I mean if you can operate an entire country as the president without one.. surely little un-important me in the middle of nowhere can get by without one too. I don’t travel as much as you, I don’t have conversations with foreign leaders or discuss economic policies .. so I salute your optimistic words” Yes we can” and raise the bar to “Yes we can Burn our Birth Certificates” and if that’s not enough .. think of the plus side for you… you’ll finally be able to join the awesomeness of twitter without having to be harrassed by @RealDonaldTrump to produce one because we’ll all be the same, justice for all … I mean correct me if I’m wrong but equality and transparency .. weren’t those you’re two big selling points since 2006?

Last but not least… cherry on the econmonic sundae it’ll be eco-friendly ! I mean just think of all the trees that will be saved just by eliminating this out of date tradition .. yes gone like the metaphorical doh-doh bird. You of all people Mr.O should know the importance of our carbon footprint.. I mean you have gone ahead and issued the go ahead for carbon taxes to be enforced! Not to metion all the money that will be saved by removing this process all together .. and judging by the gross economic debt and your ever growing borrowed ties with China, some economic independece wouldn’t be so bad right about now .. don’t you think ;)

Someone who heard you talk the talk of “Yes we can” and now wants you to walk the walk of “Yes we can” also !

burning of birth certificates

Join the ” Coalition to Abolish the Issuance of Birth Certificates” Now !

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4 responses to Yes We Can

  1. Okay we know all this! Any suggestions on resiting and fighting against the coming communist death camps? As for me: 1. stocked up on food, a years worth
    2. stocked up on guns/ammo
    3. Have several bug-out locations mapped out.
    4. Ready with camping gear and survival equipment.
    5. I don’t live in a large city or urban area.
    How about you?

    • Hi Brian, my suggestion to you is .. instead of reply to people’s post with sly remarks “Okay we know all this” when you haven’t even properly read the post .. which might i add , because i added a link to take action (join group/sign petition) . How about you start posting your own articles ;) that would be helping the situation !

  2. Obama is nothing but a crook, a fraud and a political puppet for the banksters. Uses false promises and celebrities to promote himself. If you want to learn about Obama’s true origin watch these documentaries: Agenda: Grinding America Down and Dreams of my Real Father.

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