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World Take-Over by Brain-Chip is Getting Closer

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September 28, 2017 in Resistance


When all the children are AI interfaced by brain chips, how can humanity and freedom be saved?

My resistance to the covert brain chip mind-control was given a dirty blow as a triangle cult gal dispatched to Belize said “Hi, I’ll show you a cool place.” She participated as a frontwoman to electronically sending me into unconsciousness then bioroboting my body through another awful secret experiment. I didn’t know why I awoke in an odd spot… couldn’t remember at the time that I had been manipulated and character assassinated by the Manchurian candidate-like chip for the last ten years. I couldn’t remember that the evening before, the gal i arranged to have a meal with strangely posed for photos in my presence while holding her hands before her in the secret society triangle shape. I snapped this photo and soon faded into unconsciousness. Once chipped with the zombie-robot secret technology, character assassination is the designed destiny along with many accidents that are nasty if not deadly.

She is my lobotomy queen.


Well, my once, semi-photographic-like memory and ability to calculate currency exchange rates instantly and resistance to this invasive mind control were no longer there, but I didn’t realized it at the time… all signs of caution in my actions and being thrifty with expenses were gone also, overnight. but didn’t think about it because a local taxi dude offered to be my tour guide and Spanish translator… Me the guy that was studying to learn the language and looked for non-english speakers to help me practice… well, I had no interest in the Spanish suddenly and of course his real job was likely to be my new insisting drinking buddy for everything we did.

A couple months later, I realized I had lost some of my higher reasoning that same night that secret-triangle cult gal staged as front-person to setup for a secret brain deactivation operation that was performed by entering under my left eyeball. I was a seemingly rare anti-globalization or freedom-guy who forsaw the loss of Canadian civil liberties and depletion of the economy. And in order to provide a means to save a part of Canada for my family and friends; I organized information CDs to design a resistance to a similar economic collapse that Argentina went through and presently Venezuela is grunting through.

The brain-chip torment was horrible enough, but wow, cults that claims to worship intellect, but not the enemy’s of course. I didn’t even know of secret society cults running the world already in secret and that the non-initiates are the herd to financially feed off of. I thought we just had some greedy politicians wringing the life and freedom out of countries.
And my family and friends were soon to loose their lifestyles and likely, their lives.

After two beer drinking tour guides in Belize, I gathered enough mindfulness to realize the booze was a trick to further character assassinate me like the chip was doing in Canada. I had control of the desires and will to stay away from booze when dangerous people/secret societies were around me, but lost my caution in Belize after the lobotomy. The brain-chip synthetic telepathy told me, after i refused to drink the free booze being pushed at me that I “was now a shadow of my former self.” But I didn’t realize my higher reasoning was surgically tampered with and this was the reason for the message. The black eye I got the day after the surgery did not feel like from an impact. How strange, also, that it felt like something had gone under my left eyeball.

Then while walking over the Rio Dulce bridge, boom! I made the connection what the secret triangle cult had done to me and why there were so many Canadian and Caucasian cult members showing up a few hours after I enter a new isolated location. Believe me, expense for the NWO is irrelevant. Check out Charlie Langenbergs Interview of take-over cult tactics.


Langenberg found out that the cult perform the secret dagger or slow kill upon deviants from the herd that interfere with the collectivism of the mystery schools. While William Cooper is the great researcher who created the “Mystery Babylon Series” and explains the purpose for sacking the free public culture and bringing in the Great Utopia of hiveminders. You see, the thunderbolts.info project may be correct that Saturn was a brown giant star that gave Mars, Venus, and Earth their birth based upon the axis of inclinations to the Sun. Cooper points out that the Sun is the savior that saved Earth from freezing. But Cooper didn’t know Earth may have began a chilling jurney from Saturn to the sweet zone where Earth travels. It is likely not just luck to give Earth the perfect climate to maintain life. Mars had ripping thunderbolts destroy it during the jossle of planets and Venus is too hot by classic standards. Solar magic hey? Yes, I’m spiritual.


The cult members don’t know what they are doing until it is too late for them to quit, or die trying to quit. But the brain chip has changed this greatly.

For example, in Rio Dulce, their homeland security were convinced to come see what the chip could do to me. Like a show-and-tell, that likely canada was controlling through the recent cell towers everywhere that they likely can’t afford on their own…
I sat in a food booth that was a set-up, and strangely a guatemalian watched intently as I ate a poisoned meal. I found the non-lethal twigs of massively, bile-green diarrhea causing poison. I threw away an earlier meal that I suspected the new cook that showed up was doing something bad to my food… so very cautious! I found the poison twigs, but simply pulled them out of the food because they didn’t seem edible. I set the two twigs which were like thin, branching, non-desolving, hard candy… un-edible… no worries at the time and I finished the meal while being stared at by the disbelieving Guatemalan sitting at my table. No booze for three months, at least, Three hours later, I was chatting with another about my last meal and began realizing why my stomach was aching… Suddenly, I recalled the above description which didn’t scare me at the time of eating… The TV, while eating, was set-up to play a commercial on a continuous cycle showning clumps of food passing through the large intestines which could now be recalled. All natural caution was deleted in my mind by the brain-chip. While I forced vomiting of what I could, recalling that the twigs seemingly disappeared off the corner of the table while eating. It was likely timed that I would recall the memories when it was too late and sickness soon had me drinking as much water as I could until Yellow turned to green then to clear and stop diarunning. I took pictures but won’t post them, ha! I made it through.

So, back in Canada, I have noticed a number of chip guided children acting strangely cultish and psychic. They were likely connected to the hive-mind I wrote about a few months ago.
I think they will rebel against freedom for all concepts with their guidance systems and there are lots of them that we herd of adults simply ingnore… like this message.

I don’t think my writing here is going to slow any of the take-over and the loss of imagined freedom most people… imagine.
I’m a Sethie or Sethian by beliefs “the ends never justify the means,” we are here for spiritual purposes (while the NWO is pushing for loss of mass spirituality of individuals and enslavement of all except the ruling materialists who will likely loose earth to AI machines) The brain chip stops the individual’s desire to remain conscious for spiritual growth as opposed to being zombiefied.


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