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November 28, 2012 in Resistance


Copyright November 28, 2012
Ronald Boldt

Today many people out there even those that consider themselves as a Constitutionalists, will decry that women should never be in combat, if men and women will serve together they will have sex in the fox holes, or women were never in combat until recently. This shows even those that consider themselves awake are still asleep. Even talk show hosts need to wise up smell the coffee and learn from history.

The ancient adage of if you fail to learn history you will be condemned to repeat it.

First I will go over the Ancient Warrior Women, and then with my experience with women in the military today.

For the morons out there that said women should never serve or are weak well I would put these women up against any of you wanna be Alpha Males, they would not only beat you senseless, you would more than likely be castrated by them.

Amazon Warriors: These were tribe of women warriors, who fought both with men and alone in units and were some of the most deadly in the ancient world. They ranged from the Russian Steeps region down towards the Mediterranean. Alexander the Great fought them, and forced them to retreat into the Russian Steeps area.

Amazons were written about in the region of Scythia, ion Sarmatians. Later the women trained the men to work as “knight” or cavalry, hitting the enemy from many points to cause disruption or the troops. This tactic was learned from Alexander the Great. The Ancient Romans when they finally took over the region of Sarmatians would then use these mounted warriors in their own ranks.

Pausanias, Greek historian, wrote about Queen Penthesilea, she was a deadly Warrior Queen of the Amazons who fought against the Greeks in the Trojan War.

Camilla, Amazon Queen of the Volsci, was written about by the historian Virgil, he had told of how she was later killed by Arruns while fighting Aeneas and the Trojans in Italy.

Ancient Sparta

The women were trained to fight and were as deadly as the men.

Ancient Egypt
Cleopatra VII, she was the co-ruler and warrior queen in Egypt before it became part of the Roman Empire, she took her own life instead of being brought to Rome as a slave. She had her son, Cesarean, son of Caesar, sent into hiding to protect him.

Ancient England

Queen Bocidica, she had fought off and almost crushed the Roman Legion in England, after she and her daughters were raped by the Roman Legion officers. She is considered the first Queen and Greatest Queens of England.

The Picts, Woads, and Britons all had female warriors that fought with men. These would fight nude painted in a blue dye, as a means of intimidating their enemies.

The Celts had female warriors.

Medla, Queen of Connacht

Scatach Scottish Warrior

Joan of Arc

Molly Pitchers were the nicknames of women that were manning the cannons during the Revolution.

There were several women pirates.

In the Native American Tribes, if the men were away from the village, then the women would defend their home, and were as deadly as their mates.

So now how can any sane person say wait there wasn’t any.

Now how can someone say they shouldn’t fight in combat; wait the men that say this has a penis fetish, since they feel insecure about their manhood, using excuses saying it is a man’s job to fight in war.

During my time in the military, I trained both men and women in use of the M16, M1911, and hand to hand combat, and I found women were better shots then men, fought with more veracity and with a vengeance then men could. Women know that if they are captured they will be raped, so they will fight without question.

Many of the men on the firing range could barely hit the broad side of the barn, the women had a tendency to aim either for the groin of the target or a head shot.

Some say the men and women will have sex during combat, only a simpleton or morons will say in combat we have sex, that shows they are asleep and or have their heads up their ass. In combat you are in survival mode, not hey baby give me a BJ, or lets have some hard core kinky sex, even with all these bullets flying overhead. Men say this are sexually repressed.

In Switzerland both sexes serve in the military, and if there was that much sex going on in the Swiss military there would be overpopulated.

I say yes put them in front line, if they are getting paid same as me they should be as physically fit as me and able to pick up the gun.

When I ran a clinic in the Middle East in the 1980s, I informed all the women that served there, no I will not use the Army Jet and C130 to fly you out that is meant for the wounded and to evac the classified equipment. If they didn’t want to fight I would let them be captured.

That gave them the attitude adjustment that made them learn to get physically fit, and use the training we were given to survive or they could die. Some will say that is wrong, I say no. You cannot have someone not fight and demand you protect them over the lives of the wounded and civilians, sorry in combat you are all 11B.

I have even trained with the Mossad, while I worked as antiterrorist, they had women and they were more deadly than even some of the so called modern male solider in the military today. They could not only fight but use their mind and bodies to extract information. I would love to see some guy tell them they can’t fight, those men would be wearing their ass for a hat.

So people do you still think women can’t fight don’t make me laugh you go back asleep and dream of you being a macho man.

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