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Why You Should NEVER Show Your Receipt Again

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May 23, 2012 in Resistance


When purchasing the bare necessities at a local store it is safe to assume that you will not be treated like a criminal, but instead like a paying customer with respect and appreciation… NOPE!
“Can I see your receipt please?” the security guard asked.
Sure why not, I thought. I’ll show my receipt to this big, crazy, Edward James Olmos looking security guard. No problem. But there was a problem. As I glanced at the receipt in my hand I suddenly remembered something. Just a few weeks prior I made a promise to myself about this very thing. I made a vow to never show my receipt again. Showing your receipt to an employee or security guard is optional, after all – and Mr. Olmos already understood this, I’m sure.
“Awe, you know what,” I said, “I can’t actually.”
I am fundamentally opposed to stores that have employee/security-guard receipt checkers because of the message that these stores send to their customers. Most people may dismiss it as something minuscule, but to others that message is read loud and clear: YOU MIGHT BE A THIEF, SO PROVE TO US THAT YOU DIDN’T STEAL ANYTHING BEFORE YOU CAN LEAVE. And make no mistake, that is exactly what they are implying. Now for those of you who don’t believe this to be the case, there are admittedly some stores that do require receipt checking as part of their contract which is signed by their members. These stores are called, club stores. But listen to what some of these club stores claim are their reasons are behind checking receipts. Costco: “To ensure that all members are correctly charged for the merchandise purchased, all receipts and merchandise will be inspected as you leave the warehouse.” Sam’s Club: ”To ensure that you are charged correctly for the merchandise you have selected, you will be requested to show your receipt when exiting.” BJ’s Wholesale Club: “BJ’s inspects all receipts as Members exit the Club to ensure that Members have not been overcharged or undercharged for an item and that all selections appear on the receipt.” Do you really believe that? Do you honestly think that all receipt inspectors have memorized the exact price of every single item in the store in order to make sure you weren’t overcharged? If you believe that, I’ve got a bridge to sell you.
So the battle begins…
“Then you can’t leave with that” he protested.
“Uuuuhhh, yes I can leave with this,” I replied, “and I’m going to leave with it.”
It’s best to go hard on these kind of people. They use intimidation as a means of getting others to do things that are voluntary in the first place. You must show them that you are no snail to be stepped on, but rather a snake. One that’ll bite you in the knickers if you get too close.
“Get your hands off me!” I shouted. “You have no right to touch me!”
After snatching the paid for and much needed items from my hands, he placed it back inside the store.
“You have to show me your receipt for that beer,” he said. “or you can’t leave with it. That’s my job.”
It’s important to note that the security guard was no more than six feet away from me when I made my purchase. He undoubtedly witnessed me paying for it.
“I even asked you nicely,” he continued. “I said please. I have to ask everyone to make it fair.”
“That’s fine,” I said, “I get that, but I’m not a thief. I paid for this. You saw me pay for it. Feel free to ask the cashier if I paid for it if you like,” I picked it back up, “but I’m not going to show you my receipt, bro.” I started walking out again, “And I’m not waiting for you to find out if I did either. I don’t have to prove anything to you.”
As I left the store he began loudly talking about me in a not so professional manner. Let’s just say insults were hurled, fingers were given and fowl language was used in describing me. Woe, I didn’t think Edward James Olmos would stoop to that level.
Some people would say– Easy there, Tiger. It’s not that big of a deal. Just show the stupid receipt… But think of it this way… How would you feel if the minute you walked into a store they had an employee follow you around the entire time in order to make sure you weren’t stealing, and then after paying, another employee didn’t ask but DEMANDED your receipt before exiting? You would probably feel so disrespected that you wouldn’t shop there anymore. Most stores now have a plethora of cameras which is very similar to someone following you around, being able to see everything you are doing. Receipt checkers ask to see your receipt because it is optional, but if you kindly decline then some may try and bully you into showing it (like my good friend the security guard back there). But isn’t this America, where it is ‘innocent until proven guilty’ and not the other way around? What is it that binds us to our purchases exactly? Is it the receipt? If I was to pay for a microwave and told the cashier that I didn’t want the receipt and for it to be thrown away, now that the receipt is not longer in the picture does that mean that the microwave is no longer mine? No. The microwave is still mine, receipt or no receipt. All that really matters is that I know I paid for it. That my conscience is clear of any wrong doing.
I have a friend who took his son to the grand opening of a shoe store. As soon as they entered, a security guard told him that because he was wearing a big jacket that he would have to lift it up before leaving, to show them if he had anything underneath. The reason being that some teenagers had stolen a bunch of shoes a few hours earlier. My friend replied to him, “It’s not right to try and make people do that simply because someone stole some shoes. I’m not here to steal, but just to look around. And I refuse to lift up my jacket.” What a way to treat your customers. They looked around the store for a moment and then decided to leave. On the way out the same security guard stopped him and said, “Hey man!… They told me to tell people that, but your totally right. Sorry about that.” Needless to say, he will not be returning there again. On the upside, however, it was a great learning opportunity for the little boy in that the father was able to show his son how you should not let people push you around or treat you like a criminal.
So, when will it stop? Things seem to go from bad to worse through incrementalism. One day it’s– receipt please, the next it’s– miss, we need to see inside your purse, to– sir, lift up your shirt, until finally they implement TSA agents full force in every store, sticking their hands down your pants in the name of “shopping terrorism”. What was that, you’re opting out of showing us your receipt, you say? Okay, buddy. You want to do this the hard way, you got it. Opt out! We have an opt out! Bring the rubber gloves! Got a possible terrorist here!
I’d like to challenge all freedom lovers out there to resist this form of slave training from these type of stores. This does not necessarily mean you should go hardcore on receipt checkers by making a scene, but instead be friendly and calmly decline by simply saying- no thank you. Receipt checkers who are informed will just let you go with no hassle. But if you come across one that does make an issue out of it, then you should make an issue out of it too because it really boils down to this… IF YOU CANNOT STAND UP TO THE LITTLE OLD LADY AT WALMART WHO IS DEMANDING TO SEE YOUR RECEIPT, THEN HOW ON EARTH DO YOU EXPECT TO STAND UP TO THE MILITARY WHEN THEY KNOCK ON YOUR DOOR AND DEMAND YOUR GUNS? So, think of this resistance as a sort of training to become more freedom minded. Practice your resistance now while you have the chance. Either that or just keep on thinking of this issue as small and unimportant and continue submitting to the false authority figures, like the good little slave they want you to be.

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38 responses to Why You Should NEVER Show Your Receipt Again

  1. This scenario has happened to me (minus the swearing and shooting of birds) at our local Walmart. My family and I shop there multiple times per month for groceries and other items, I would say on average at least $400/month or sometimes more depending on what we buy. They have apparently implemented a “receipt checking policy”, as every single time we visit the store we are stopped at the door and a guy with a highlighter asks to see our receipt. The most recent occurrence was a few weeks ago. It was a weeknight, semi-late shopping trip, my two kids were overly hyper/driving me a little batty, I had to wait in a VERY long checkout line because they never provide enough cashiers (we live across the river from NYC so it’s always congested), and I had a bad day at work, so I was just ready to go home. As I neared the exit, there was a line full of people with carts trying to leave, but all of them were being subjected to receipt-checking. No one was coming in through the enter door, so I decided to try to exit that way because well, I was ready to go home! Not only was I promptly yelled at by the guy with the marker (he called me “LADY!” very loudly), he then gestured with his hand pointing for me to come over there to him. He said “receipt?” (in broken English), I said “yes I have it” and attempted to go out the exit door. He and one other receipt checker guy positioned themselves in front of my cart and demanded to see my receipt before I could exit! Mind you, I had a cart full of BAGGED grocery items, not a flat screen tv without a “paid” sticker on it or something. He actually put his hand ON MY BASKET to stop me! Out of sheer frustration, I dug through my oversized, messy purse, located the receipt and handed it to him, at which point he swiped the marker across it and allowed me to leave. He did NOT check inside of my bags for any of the items listed, nor did he give me any type of reason as to why he wanted my receipt. If the goal of receipt-checking is “loss prevention”, why are they not checking IN the bags and matching those items to what is on the receipt? What he did could very well be labeled as false imprisonment, which in the state of NJ carries a hefty penalty of up to $1k and up to 6 months in jail. It’s hard enough being a single mom on a budget and having to shop at a budget-friendly store ok, but to be downright accosted while trying to exit with MY items that I just bought is just insulting. He would have been within his rights to stop me if he suspected me of stealing, I get that. But EVERY single customer being stopped on the way out? Do they suspect EVERYONE of being a thief?? I will no longer be showing my receipt, period. When they stop me (and I know it will happen), I’m going to say no thank you and walk out. If I am unlawfully detained AGAIN, I will not hesitate to contact an attorney. It’s really unnecessary, especially when they can SEE the registers from where they are stationed.

  2. I have silly thought for all of you that think you don’t need to show your receipt. what would you do if you by no fault of your own had proceeded though the exit of the store and got arrested on the spot because a cashier had not rang up one of the item in your cart. I know this is rare but not out of the realm of possibility. I’m a receipt checker guard for Wal-Mart I’m hired by them through a third party. I want you to understand I’ve on more than one occasion have found items not on people’s receipt and ask them to simply go back and pay for said it or leave said item when they have willing excepted receipt check. there has been no problem no and accusation that they were steeling but simple facts put forward that something has been missed and no one is at fault. I will admit I have probably missed thing that have still made it out the door without getting paid for. But I want all of you to find a good reason why a second set of eye on your receipt is such a bad thing. BTW I still respect those who say no but secretly wish one of you would get arrested for nothing more than your pig headedness that you didn’t want to show your receipt. also want you to understand when AP picks someone to arrest I’m told to leave the floor and I do so watch with glee from a far wishing I had their job dealing with real criminals.

  3. Funny. At the WalMart near my home receipt checks are POLICE ENFORCED! Yup…one by the “Asset Protection Associate” and one mere feet away where the door greeter should be…and sometimes one roaming the store as well. All are in full uniform, and during one particular visit an officer stood at the end of the registers brandishing her riot baton, tapping it against the cupped palm of her opposite hand. Dare to say no, do ya? My personal experience has been that with most “offenses” people are taken into custody and the actual legality is sorted out later…usually not until your arraignment and after you’ve spent some quality time in the “bull pen” with REAL criminals. Maybe you’ll get double-teamed by both judge and prosecutor while your court appointed attorney stares at his shoes and sheepishly nods and mutters “yes, your honor.” Been there, done that, and NOT going back if I can help it. Definitely not worth it for some Chinese crap I got dirt cheap at WallyWorld. I’ll save it for something far more worthy of the personal sacrifice I might be making.

  4. I completely stopped shopping at such places- 7 years ago. When I discovered that the manager of the Wal-Mart I worked at was pulling in a bonus of $1,500,000.00 per year that he didn’t have “an accident” but wouldn’t shell out $3,000 dollars to replace the pallet jacks in his own store. (as they were all horrifically broken) Nor would he even fix the air condition in the General Merchandise Unloading dock- so it was a sweat shop to any poor soul that got stuck in that position. WHILE going Out of their way to keep as many Registers OFF as possible attempting to claim “labor costs” when they were barely paying anyone over minimum wage.

  5. thanks for sharing your story. this reminds me of some words of wisdom of the author of the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson. “Rebellion to tyrants is Obedience to God.”

  6. Well said….point taken!

  7. Haha. I had a friend a few years ago that got all pissy with the ‘receipt people’ every time we went anywhere. At first it embarrassed me, then annoyed me as it tended to take longer to argue with the people than to just show them the stupid receipt already.

    I was a lot stupider then. I have a lot of admiration for the guy now.

  8. Sheep we are… see the actual thieves aren’t even stopped if you try you get fired.

    • Exactly, most merchants shrink is in-house from their OWN employees and this is how they treat PAYING CUSTOMERS. Wolf guarding the hen house much?

  9. I do this each and every time, the local store has stopped asking for receipts all together and there is no longer any “greeter.”

    http://www.youtube.com/thelucky225 for my videos demonstrating how to handle this

    I happen to live in Colorado and when they DO ask for a receipt, I’ve also handed them this a couple of times:


    • Does this also apply to bag searches regardless of whether you buy anything or not? I ask because the greeter at Target always asks to search my bag every time I enter the store and leave without buying anything. I enter and leave the store with my bag and I’m sick of her forcing me to open up my bag to see all my private things inside it. The only way I can avoid this is when I buy something at the check out and only then will she not check my bag. I shouldn’t have to buy something every time I enter the store to avoid being humiliated by the store greeter just because I wear a man bag.

      • As far as that goes, I think they can ask you to leave upon ENTERING, however you absolutely do not need to let them search entering, hold on to or search upon exiting. I would have a calm discussion with them upon entering that the bag is yours, you are not going to let them search or hold on to it, that you spend $x/month or $x/year shopping here, and if they don’t want you entering the store with the bag they will be losing that revenue and you will be taking your business else where. Ultimately if they allow you to enter with the bag, they can not search it on the way out unless they actually see you try to conceal something without paying for it or if the door alarm goes off. If they don’t want to allow you to enter, simply shop somewhere else. I’m not 100% keen on this, but I tend to side with private property rights in regards to who they’ll allow to enter, but I don’t side with it when it comes to exiting after they already allowed you to enter. Shopping places are usually considered “licensed to the public” so that rule defeats any ‘trespassing’ non sense most of the time, and may very well allow you to enter with the bag without a search, but it’s not something I’ve ever researched as my wife is the only one that carries anything(her purse) and she’s never had an issue so I’ve never had a need to research it. I definitely wouldn’t let anyone search her purse though, so I’m as interested in the answer as you are.

      • Omg, seriously?! Don’t let them dissrespect you like that. That’s an awful way to treat people weather you purchase anything or not. Next time just refuse and if they get cray cray on you then say a bunch of stuf about “violation my rights” and “am I being unlawfully detained?” stuff. They’ll let you go.

        • Agreed, however IIRC private business have a right to deny entry when carrying stuff in because of the possibility of weapons etc. Not saying I agree with those type of decisions, but baseball stadiums, concerts, etc. seem to get away with it, but I’m not 100% sure this would apply to a place of business open to the public. I will respect the right of a merchant to refuse entry based on their non sense, but I’d never shop there again. However, I am interested in the legality if anyone has some relevant case law or existing statutes on the subject I’d enjoy reading it.

  10. Excellent post. These are the kinds of things we all need to start doing. Let’s think of other ways we can resist, also.

    • Sign the back of your credit card, they are as it says on the back of your credit card NOT VALID UNLESS SIGNED, then refuse to show ID for credit card transactions when the back of your card is signed and report merchants that refuse to complete the transaction at http://www.mastercard.us/support/merchant-violations.html When presenting a valid, signed MasterCard a merchant can not refuse to complete the transaction solely because the customer refuses to provide additional identification or identification information. The merchant is supposed to compare the signature on the card to the one on the receipt/signature pad, if they’re suspicious about the signature they are welcome to follow PROPER PROTOCOL and place a code 10 call to their bank/mastercard.

  11. Al said on June 17, 2012

    Awesome post. This happens to me all the time since I’m Italian and have a little darker complexion than the white Northern Michigan trailer trash red necks. Three or four years ago, I got sick of being asked for a receipt as I watched all the cranked-up traverse city trailer trash white folk walk out of the Walmart without being asked for the receipt. Sure enough, I was asked again. And when the white trash Nazi asked me for my receipt, I declined and kept walking. In another case, the Toys R’ Us store here in Traverse City deliberately failed to deactivate the security device on my purchased goods so that they would go off. I assume that they wanted to see if I would take off running? I called them out on this tactic. I knew something was up when they called up the bull dyke lesbian security guard while I was in line. These are just a couple instances of dozens. I’m usually very vocal when this happens, call them out and once in a while, get ghetto on them. I would encourage everyone else to do the same.

    • Al said on June 17, 2012

      The Traverse City Meijer store is another one good for this. They have plain clothed secret security guards chasing you around the store. What I usually do is turn the person in to management telling them that there is a suspicious person following me around and that they should call the police, and that if they don’t, I would be calling. Sometimes, I’ll make them run all over the store.

  12. KLC said on June 11, 2012

    great story thanks for sharing

  13. DC said on June 7, 2012

    Great rant. I’ve never given too much thought about this. Only time I was asked to show receipt was as a WM a couple years ago and I complied. Next time , not gonna happen.

  14. wow, i never even thought of it that way! i have thought that it was stupid, but as someone who’s worked in retail, i knew why they did it and that they were “just doing their job” so i didn’t want to blame the employee for a dumb rule, but you’re right we should NOT be putting up with it and our best way to say so is to refuse to comply. Great article! Thanks for sharing!

    • Their “job” is not to check a receipt, it is to GREET you, that’s why their title is GREETER. Anti-theft prevention is the job of a SECURITY GUARD, which in most States requires a guard card or license to act in that capacity, and if you are acting as a guard or performing the duties of one without a guard card or license, it is usually a misdemeanor crime. As I recall from my bounty hunter training, You can’t BREAK the law to ENFORCE the law (IE I can’t just go down kicking anyone’s door in just because I believe a fugitive is in that residence if I don’t have an articulable suspicion or probable cause the suspect is there.) Furthermore, most State laws prohibit false imprisonment, but do have a ‘shopkeepers PRIVILEGE’ statute that shields the merchant and provides privilege for detention, IF AND ONLY IF the suspect was SEEN by an employee trying to conceal UNPAID merchandise, or if an anti-theft alarm is triggered or there is other probable cause. Failure to comply with a voluntary request to display a receipt when there is no PROBABLE CAUSE(i.e. they previously saw you concealing merchandise or the door alarm went off), and the merchant’s further demand for the receipt after your refusal of their voluntary request is and has been upheld in several court cases as false imprisonment.

  15. Good job man! I am a child of the 90′s(born in 87) and I just know I am so programmed to accept this type of disrespect. In fact I think a lot of people don’t mind cause its somehow a good feeling to be proven not a thief but they never realize they’re being treated as one. I worry my children may never know the small amount of dignity and freedom I have known.

  16. Two thumps up

  17. Yeah I either don’t shop in those places or when I do see their little half assed attempt at inventory control I either completely ignore ‘em or we have a friendly discussion that involves them being invited to sacrifice their hourly wage to help my family and I pay for whatever it is we’re purchasing there otherwise they need to mind their business. Don’t even acknowledge em when you walk out, keep the bag with your purchase on the outside of your body, facing away from them so they won’t try and be brave/stupid enough to go for it and don’t raise your voice to ‘em; they got hired to get screamed and shouted at in the first place. Maintain eye contact, don’t raise your voice or make threats. Angry customers they can handle, it’s the calm ones politely saying “No you may not” that they can’t handle.

  18. I recently did some shopping at a Kmart which is located in a crime-ridden town about 10 miles from where I live. I had never been there before. They have a ‘guard’ posted at the door who asks for a receipt and then checks your bags. I walked right by him and ignored his demands that I stop and allow him to check my bags. You see, I know that a store has no right to detain me until ‘after’ I leave the store and they have some reason to believe I have exited the store with stolen merchandise. I have no obligation to allow a store employee to detain me in any way. The Government and big Corporations have become accustomed to walking all over us. Because we let them. Do you know what happened to me when I ignored the Kmart version of the TSA and exited the store without being molested? Nothing. If the store had attempted to restrain me by force, they would have been sued into oblivion, and they knew it. The New World Order counts on our passive cooperation. Sometimes an act of resistance can be as simple as saying ‘hell no!’

    • When I was a little kid I remember my mom having to leave her purse at (Kmart) customer service every time we shopped. To me that seems 100x worse than checking a receipt at the door, but everyone still did it. This would have been the late 70′s early 80′s.

  19. I so agree with you I started refusing to show receipt about 5 years ago ago in Walmart and my wife would get so embarrassed until she noticed other people start to do the same after watching me. We have to stand up I know a receipt isn’t a huge step but its a start for a lot of people. Good job!

    • Same here, wife gets embarrassed, I told her she’s the one that loves Wal-Mart and I’m embarrassed to shop there in the first place, and if she wants me to go and shop there, I’m not going to comply with their silly rules. After filming them and posting to youtube at http://www.youtube.com/thelucky225 they stopped both the practice of requesting a receipt and demanding my photo ID on credit cards.

  20. hmm…if I had a handgun I think I would recreate the scene and shoot the guard dead as a thief in the act of assaulting me. See if they like the consequences of the attitude.

  21. Now class all together…”I do not consent”


  23. I simply say “nope” when asked and keep walking. They can do nothing to stop you.

  24. I have always talked to my wife about this entire receipt thing as we leave walmart. 1, they never check the bags the items are in, so why on earth even glance at the receipt if your not gonna check the bag. 2, most walmarts & other places now have a scanner that scans you as you leave, so if a customer has not set off the alarm thingy, then why should a customer have to show a receipt. Dunno…. it has just never made sense to me & I get irritated every time they ask. Great article by the way, I agree 100%.

  25. Wall mart tried this on me 5 years ago, my reaction was a little faster than yours. local chain food store was spying on me , they quit. The real law is if you don’t claim your right(s) you lose them.i just came from lowes,
    i finally got them trained. If you carry the proper equipment it will never happen.

  26. They do this for the same reason the TSA harasses people. They want to get people used to being dominated and controlled by power. It’s disgusting and the reason I only shop at local stores in my neighborhood and never go to chains. I like knowing the people I do business with and actually being treated like a human being. There is a party store on the corner of my street and the husband and wife who own it are awesome. They will order for me items I want if they don’t have them, actually have conversations with me and work with me on payments for the items I purchase. For instance, if I go buy a pack of smokes and I’m 50 cents short they do not fuss about it and say they something like oh you’ll get it to us next time and I always do. They even order for me and have started to carry a few of the micro brews and brands of scotch that I like so I can get them when I want and not have to wait a week. This is how business is supposed to work. You should know the people you do business with and business should take care of their customers because a happy customer recommends the business to other people and everyone wins. Wal-Mart, Sam’s Club and all those other chains are disgusting monopolies that should be disbanded.

  27. agree with and next time I won’t be showing my receipt either !!

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