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Why America Will Fall

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November 8, 2012 in Resistance


Why America Will Fall
Copyright November 8, 2012
Ronald Boldt

I have been preaching on my pulpit both literal and via writing, that if this country stays it course it will collapse into a Communistic society before it finally fails with a bang. This will be my last article on this subject and for the rest of my time writing until the collapse I will be articles about how to survive, and please readers don’t use what I teach to the welfare rejects who have been a burden on our society, they are mindless zombies who will never do for themselves even when push comes to shove.

As this last election shows better than half the American public are nothing more than mindless zombies who are welfare addicts. They are more worried about when their food stamps come in then rebuilding this country. The have lived off the hind tit of the government and was a monkey on the backs of us the working Americans, who pay taxes for way too long.

For the past four years I have and others written articles, spoke about lectured even screamed about who and what Obama is, a communist who wants this country to become a third world, and yet the mindless masses who have no right to vote since they don’t work, pay taxes or contribute to society, have made their voice heard.

Many who read this will scream that is prejudice that I as a homeowner, yes I unlike a majority of Americans own it free and clear, should not say these other masses don’t have a right to vote. I ask you this, why should they vote?

It is the taxpayers’ dollars that these worthless zombies who outnumber the taxpayers three fold will mandate where our money goes. Social programs to help them out, not the taxpayers. Schools that teach it are better to be a slave then a revolutionary. WIC, ADC, and food stamps for the lazy breeders who are a majority of these same people are repeat generations of welfare addicts.

Why should I support a woman who gets pregnant with her fourth or fifth kid, and refuses to work? It is her responsibility to care for them not mine. I will ask this, did I have sex with her, did I impregnate her, and if not then why should I pay for her brats to eat better than I do?

It is not that I am a fascist, I say yes help out the disabled, the elderly and the sick, but being lazy is not an illness it can be cured by not feeding them.
Many will say look the economy is in the shitter and as such we have to help others. Really? Where was the help when us Texans had the firestorm that destroyed billions of dollars in property> Where was FEMA where was that terrorist in 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue? Did they help us? The answer is no.

So again why should I help out others? No one came to my property when I lost my Orchard, and almost lost my house, which I had to gut due to smoke damage. So I say screw them.

Be honest with yourself and ask the cold hard facts, these zombies who live off our hard work what skills do they have, are they hindering society or making it a better place to live? A majority of them especially the young have no skills what so ever, and working in fast food, or being able to play on Facebook applications is not a survival skill or benefits anyone.

Ask yourself this, how many Americans out there can survive?

Do you know how to hunt, fish, skinning an animal, can food, smoke foods dehydrate, distill water plant a garden or even what food is safe to eat in the wilds? Do these welfare bums know that?

This current generation has neither skills nor desire to learn, they expect everything to be given to them on a silver platter. So when society collapses and these people are rounded up into the FEMA Death Camps, I say hey let them become Soylant Green.

Last year I was asked would I teach and help out others including the zombie welfare people, and I said yes; today I say no let those weak minded fools die, I will only teach others that want to survive and bring back this country to what it was over a hundred and fifty years ago.

Survival for the masses of Americans is waiting for their welfare checks and foods stamps and then hunting down where the cigarettes, booze and junk food is.

I have tried to teach welfare zombies for better part of a year, and it is like explain Quantum Physics to a monkey, they just don’t get it.

And yes it is their fault for being that way. Fat lazy and dumb. Is that something I would want to help out let alone save from death, again the answer is no. They had every chance to learn and they refused so let them go the way of the Dodo.

Even the youth of today are too lazy and ignorant to save, they have been brainwashed into believing the government will take care of them, and the government will, off to the Death Camps.

I was asked, being former military, would I try and rescue anyone from those camps, my answer today is no. They are the ones that want to be slaves and they will get what they want and deserve.
So as a final note I say yes let these ignorant masses become Soylant Green, let them die out then maybe when we the veterans take over, and rebuild the simple fact will remain no more welfare state, if you want to survive then you work or you die that is simple.

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