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who’s rejecting anything?

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December 3, 2012 in Resistance


one of the most popular religions christianity is based on the sacrifice of God to himself so he can save you from himself. Otherwise known as the cruciFICTION. It is considered a damnable sin to reject his sacrifice and therefore damnable not to be a christian. This fear of a worse fate than death is the reason why there are so many articles on planet infowars about God’s glorious sacrifice and “getting right” with god. They(christians) honestly and earnestly believe it is their duty to “save” your soul and keep you from such a terrible fate. A dichotomy is formed between accepting god’s gift and rejecting god’s gift. An atheist is pressumed to have rejected that gift through skepticism but that is not the case. Rejection and skepticism are two different things. One is based on observation and is not a consious thing. I don’t choose to be skeptical, I am compelled to be skeptical. I require that this god give me something so I can concede to his existense. If god has a present for me and he wants me have it he would have given it to me directly until then I can’t believe that he has done anything for me. Imagine if I offered someone a car. That person responds”I can’t believe you are being so nice, thank you” and I responded by assuming that person never wanted the car. It’s dishonest and mean.
Gullibility is not what makes the christians admirable. What I admire in them is the attitude of self sacrifice the spirit of giving because they care for the fate of their brothers and sisters. That is what is commendable but I believe it is being misappropriated by their own religion it is a cancer replicating on the gullibility and good nature of christians.Don’t be afraid to embrace a world with no god. You are you and you have shown to be good. What this evil entity sees as “dirty rags” we see as self evidently good reject that ungrateful god. I doubt very much that if christians were to see their religion for a fraud that they would ever harden their hearts give themselves to evil. If it was not on your nature before it won’t be after you see the truth. Once god is out of the picture and exchristians exmuslims exwhatevers come together we can do anything. But you can’t do it on falsehoods and illusions it is futile to build on fantasy. I mean this, I want 2013 to be the year that people see yahweh,alah and jesus as a fable and we cast them to the mythology books as we have zeus and other “infallible” titans of old and let’s see just what we can accomplish on our own and without delusions.

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11 responses to who’s rejecting anything?

  1. Of course refusing/rebelling against God is damnable. You said “I require that this god give me something so I can concede to his existence.” yet you reject the sacrifices he made to preserve humanity. You say “I can’t believe that he has done anything for me.” but God gave you life and is willing to give you eternal life. Materialism is destructive. And you better believe if God wasn’t real many people would be more ruthless because consequences would seem slim. Anyways it is not fear that binds us Christians, it is love.

    • Skepticism isn’t something you choose. I can’t believe because I can’t believe. I would be dishonest if I continued to pretend. I suspect even you must see the reality of things there is no god.

  2. You demand God…

    Forgive me but you’re too easy a prey for me because I know the bible.

    In it, Jesus was tempted by Satan to leap from the cliff and he would have all the wealth of the city below. And with that final test, He had had enough and told Satan to get lost. Poof, with His power Satan was gone.

    Try revising again…

    • Forgot to mention God is not about materialism so he told Satan to get lost.

      Would you give up liberty for a little material comfort?

      I can’t either and that’s why we’re all in this predicament.

    • azn4mrpaul, If you know the bible so well , I have to ask you. Why are you still in pursuit of Jesus and Christianity ? I have read the bible as well. What compels you to not prove the truth of the bible? For Jesus and Satan to be real entities , would they not both need to have existed as you and I ? Jesus was so naive that he believed that a big fish swallowed a man named Jonah, who lived for three days inside the belly of the fish. Placing blind confidence in a story so riddled with contradiction and myth is absurd. You must not know the bible that well.

  3. Just keep in mind that it’s self evident that we are equal and have inalienable rights, everything else will work out OK.

  4. Christianity is Geography. And geography is Christianity.

    The source of their delusion is explained and THOROUGHLY PROVEN HERE.

    Christianity is used by their controllers as the United Police States of Amerika’s “state sanctioned religion of the “New World Order””. Like flies in the vaseline, their stuck !Their goose is cooked ! They’ve been had by the phony good cop, bad cop paradigm, and don’t know it. This works as a Their goose is cooked ! just like the phony political left vs. right paradigm. It’s all to make you think you have a choice, and a way out of harms way.

    Problem: The devil is going to get me and take me to hell.
    Reaction: You got the hell scared into you, not out of you.
    Solution: A savior !

    This is for the same reason our government uses “Clergy Response teams”. Even some in the Christian community recognize this. Christianity was created by governments, and it is still effectively used by this government. It serves as a Hegelian dialectic.

    Eskimo:”If I did not know about God and sin, would I go to hell?”
    Priest: “No, not if you did not know.”
    Eskimo: “Then why did you tell me?”

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