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What is the job of building inspector and home inspector?

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September 28, 2017 in Resistance


When a house is being built or a building is being constructed, there are so many things, which need to be done. No matter if the building is for residential purposes or for commercial purposes, the requirement of these things is must. These things include plumbing systems, electricity systems, heating and cooling systems, drainage and pipelines systems and so on. Every area and society in which these buildings are present has their own rules and regulations of contractions and every building is not to be constructed according the rule codes of the area. These rules are for the safety and comfort of the people who are living in the society and for the safety of the people who are going to visit the building or live in the house. A small misshape in any of the systems given above can cause some very serious problems and it can result into death of many people too.

First of all the contractor o builder will have to draw a plan for each system and then he will have to show these plans to linked department and get the permit for the plan. If the plan is good enough the authorities will give the permit very easily. Then the contractor will get the rough work done and after the rough work, the authorities’ will send the inspectors to check the done work. The inspector will come to visit in the end of each installation. For example, the plumbing inspector will visit after the completion of rough plumbing. Same as all inspectors will visit. The electric inspector will check if the wiring is good or not and it has been places in the right place or not. If the inspector does not pass the work, then the contractor will have to do it again.

The visits of these inspectors are very important and beneficial. That way the owner gets to know whether the contractor is doing a good job or not. Some people get irritated by visit of these inspectors but they should look at the bright side. The inspector will visit on different stages of the construction till its completion.

There are two types of inspectors who inspect the house or building during construction, Home inspector and building inspectors. Building inspector is the one who has being hired by the authorities of the society and he works for the government. However, the home inspectors are the person hired by the owner of the house for his own peace of mind. Hiring a home inspector when you are getting your house build or renovated is a very wise idea and it can save you from many problems in the future. You are spending a lot of money to get the work done and you have right to make sure that you are getting the best services. It is important to add in the contract that you will hire a inspector so the contractor does not complain. There are many companies, which are providing the services of home inspection Melbourne.

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