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What is a formal designation, Mr. Prime Minister? (Please share!)

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January 7, 2013 in Resistance


Monday, January 07, 2012

Today, people of the internet, we come to a crossroads. I have been studying the facts of the controversy surrounding Idle No More, and there has been much speculation concerning that. Now I will establish the truth for you, and I hope you share this with your friends.

When Bill C-45 was passed, it emended Section 37(2) and 39(1), among others, in very particular ways. When they essentially shortened the text of the bill, which is what they did, they rewrote it in such a way that when the party in power comes to assent to what is known as a “Designation of Surrender”, all that it takes to ratify the surrender is to get the chief to sign on. That’s it. Then the land becomes the responsibility of the Queen to carry out the procedures for surrender.

It is my belief that on Friday, the Prime Minister is going to bring a proposal to the Tribal Council that will sign on the designation. This will cause workers to come onto reserves and begin dismantling the property. This will cause reserve inhabitants, who have no idea what is happening, to freak out, and a clash will ensue.

Behold, for I was not wrong when I said “The Beginning of the End”. That’s all you really need to know. This whole scheme to get the natives riled up was to prepare for this event to transpire. And I swear, if that change is not mentioned in full, the Prime Minister can no longer say he was ignorant to whether they were ignorant towards C-45. How could he? He did not ask them to know, nor was he told so, I guarantee it.

There is also the matter of 104 million dollars being sent to Attawapiskat over the past 6 years or so. Today there was an audit completed and sent to the Minister of the AANDC, John Duncan, concerning the status of those loans. The Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation deals out the loans to First Nations reserves for affordable housing. The government, through the AANDC, secures said loans for CMHC. What is happening now with CMHC, I believe, is that they are losing faith in the speed of payback, and yes, the pressure falls squarely on the head of the AANDC. It is up to them to rescue the loan funds, or else THEY pay (In a general sense, the actual process is a little more complicated).

The truth of the matter, ultimately, is that it’s the ruling power in Canada that holds the power to designate assent towards a designation. If this happens, the entire continent will shake. Please spread this around, Friday, January 11th, 2013 could be disastrous.


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