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Weapon of Mass Distraction from Real Solutions

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January 20, 2013 in Resistance


That this Sandy Hook tragedy, despite whatever actually occurred, is a point of “national discussion”, and that the president is making clearly unconstitutional executive orders as a result has me worried. Not just for our right to bear arms, or our first amendment right to call bullshit on this whole charade(despite what actually occurred media and political reaction is definitely predetermined), but for the fact that we’re falling for it. Again! President Bush pushed the US into a war with Iraq as a result of 9/11. People were too swept up with the tragedy to make rational conclusions and were easily manipulated into approving even more tragedies. That’s really what we need to learn from these horrific events, to stop allowing them from distracting us.

So please stop the discussion on gun rights. Please stop the discussion about “what really happened” on Dec. 14, 2012. By doing so, we are wasting our energy when it can be used to address real problems and real solutions. I’m not saying that our right to bear arms or the truth of what happened in Newton is not important, to me they are both very important. My point is that instead of trying to coax this totalitarian president and his sheep into listening and responding to our charges, we can simply boycott the whole damn system, not follow unconstitutional laws, and provide a community of support, not division.

No division on rifle issues, on abortion issues, on welfare issues, and of course not on issues of race, such as blacks or jews. That’s what the elitists and their media puppets are obviously perpetuating, they want to divide the nation in order to ultimately conquer it under a one world government banner. Divide and conquer. To follow the “national discussion” is to follow a path of acorns to the squirrel snare. The “national discussion” is the bark of the shepherd’s dog, keeping us scared and fenced in, and not to protect us from the wolf because the wolf took over the shepherd’s position a long time ago.

Every indicator says that we’re headed towards the slaughter, with the DHS buying up all that ammo before Obama’s (s)election, and then a timely tragedy for him to push a disarmament agenda of normal Americans while at the same time squeezing them for taxes which all coincides when the dollar is at risk of insolvency. Absurd expectations of people sacrificing their space, time, money, and ultimately choice due to “global warming” or “overpopulation” is reaching a fever pitch, with our EPA and the UN anyways. Speaking of the UN, weren’t they expecting the US to go along with some fledgling international gun ban?

The issues matter, but what point is there arguing your 2nd amendment right? There’s no sense defending defense, they are not taking the guns, period. There isn’t any discussion on that front, and that’s why attempting to go along with this recent “national discussion” trend is a waste of time and energy better spent elsewhere. Protest for gun and free speech rights? HELL YES! Hold up signs in front of Walmart or their ilk and call on the public to boycott? HELL YES! Let’s get together and find an alternative to this tyrannical government and the voracious monopolies they prop up at our expense. Now is the time, it could not be more evident!

Let us discuss solutions to this obvious tyranny rather than split hairs on the intricacies of gun zones, magazines, what our forefathers wanted, piers morgan(just let his fame in Alex’s shadow die), or any other time waster— we HAVE to come TOGETHER against a common enemy.

For Liberty,

The Alcoholic Alaskan

P.S. It is ironic that I am rallying for a cause against a common enemy when that is exactly what these Hegelian entrepreneurs do, they foster an “us vs. them” paradigm, such as US vs. islamic terrorists, or US vs. potential mass shooters, which seem to include the entirety of people who are a fan of our country and her Bill of Rights and Constitution. In this case I think we can use their own tactic against them quite literally by pointing out who the true enemy is, and get the public to back it’s righteous cause.

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