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We must defend Israel

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November 15, 2012 in Resistance


Thursday, November 15, 2012  

Israel has put all of us in a position we cannot back down from.  We must protect our ally, as they are under fire.  We know they asked for this, but we cannot throw away our diplomatic policy for the sake of our own defense strategies, because it will not end there.  Israel will flip immediately, and with Asia and the Middle East against us, we will not survive.  We are in that position, and we have a solution to bring peace to all those innocents who died because we did not act today.  Their voice screams at me, because I came to know their future.  I will not back down until we help Israel defend itself, and I do not mean support them by conquering Palestine.    

In fact, Palestine should conquer Israel for peace to emerge.  If Bashar al-Assad will not step down, and he will not donate the inspiration of peace to Iran or Egypt at this time, then the hammer falls into the hand of the USA, my southern ally (Canadian here :p).  I can promise you that the only one other than Barack is Bashar, and Bashar literally has less to lose than Barack.     Would it not be lovely for the people to truly rise?  I do not know what needs to be said, as that is the job of a diplomat, I do know we need one of these two headlines on our news media for this to work:  

1) Bashar al-Assad to resign – New constitution to be written shortly under supervison as condition of leaving.

2) US to move into Israel – Entering conflict on behalf of surrounding nations.  

We know Iran is a BRIC ally.  The situation is the same for them as it is with the US and Israel.  If we do not convince Syria and Egypt to back down, Iran is coming.  People who do not take orders are coming.  The USMC is coming.  We will all descend upon Israel and create the hell altogether, and then what of blame then?    


“I tell you this, you blame yourself like I would.  You have a tax debate to worry about, don’t let then sniff war on you.  If thw rhetoric is to be believed, some of those Congressmen started all of this, only to finish YOU.”  

There are two sayings in the region that have a very particular meaning.  The first is Bismillah al-Rahman al-Rahim, or “The throne of god”, which stands for “Glory to god, the compassionate, the merciful”, and there is also “Live well; it is the best revenge”, which means no matter what you do, everything else is a sin in terms of conflict resolution.  When both parties emerge in the conflict on the premise of hate, why do we LET THEM create a hypocrisy of their own belief?  Because of the tower?  That which is not everything?  The very rival of existence itself?  I have said I cannot judge that love, but I offer no love to it.  I will not stand for the bullshit.    

Like the weed; buy the bag, buy the culture.  You filthy drug addicts (Not the children, they are innocent).  

How amazing are these times when we lie to ourselves and pretend we are diplomats, and we all further war.  It is like nothing could be right except to destroy the tower now, even if it is wrong.  We cannot let them win and further their religious assault.  They don’t care about our music.  They don’t care if we smoke weed.  They only care that they could provide a world that was everything except our own.    

They had seen “illness”, all those years ago, and inasmuch as they deceive themselves, so also does that “illness” deceive them.  What other reason would they have to destroy human nature?    

I do not mean to deceive people.  I will find peace over this.  Amen, brotha…

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  1. … oh and you too by the way.

  2. You are a member of the #IntelCartel, Edward, why would I ever listen to you? Does your post imply you would prefer WW3?

  3. Fuck you!!!! You defend them, join the IDF, and go the fuck away you piece of shit.

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