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We Are The Resistance

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December 17, 2012 in Resistance


This website stands on its own merit. http://freedomangel1776.com. It is my hope that it will go viral. Before the powers that be pull the plug on the internet. This explains why I have not been able to moderate the groups I am moderator of because I am under siege on all fronts and defending innocent people the world over. I welcome opinions and input from everyone here at planet.infowars. We are the resistance


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2 responses to We Are The Resistance

  1. I had a Brit try and tell me that the 2nd amendment was actually a loophole in the Constitution as if I were dumb enough to believe that. Im well aware of what the Constitution says. I have copies of it and have read them several times lol ”
    Amendment II. A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” guess he interpreted this to mean only in times of civil war, thats what he said to me. ahhh so we are suppose to wait until a civil war breks out b4 we are allowed to have guns? What kind of sense does that make? Give me a break! I read this as a well regulated militia (a well organized resistance group) is necessary to protect freedom therefore the people must have the right to bear arms without question. That being said we really need to try and get organized while we can still communicate with one another. Come up with alternative ways to communicate with and without technology or electricity. Targets that need to be taken down or secured like Plum Island and the Glenn Towers..etc etc..wanted lists for all these lawless criminals (oh I already started makin the posters lol).. The Banking system programs etc etc etc..What States are we going to defend? The West Coast as opposed to the North in the last Civil War, from Texas to Montana and Washington State to Cali? These are the type of things we need to think about if we are gonna enter another civil war.

  2. We have to overcome a lot. Many months ago I told reading here that in the 1990s I went to a market in Los Angeles. The store owner was a foreigner from a middle eastern country. We talked and he said something that stayed with me, he said, “The problem with America is, there is too much freedom.” How many Americans do you know that don’t know anything about the constitution and bill of rights? How many eighteen to thirty years old people do you know that just don’t understand the American framework constructed by our founding fathers? The numbers of people actually worried about this country falling into communism, read this web site, are preppers/survivalist/militia. Also, patriots. How many of those do you know? Me, I know two maybe three within 30 miles.
    Between, TV, video games, school, I can see why now being a young person sucks! If they know anything, they are out numbered by the dope heads, criminals and Ozombies. Then the beat down of the American people occurs, and I think when they pass turn in your guns law, and we don’t, then the beat down will come. Think of all the gang members, dope heads, whinny liberals who face the foreign troops first and get mowed down in mass. They will take a lot of bullets before they come for us. Remember all those bullets bought last summer be the DHS? They are meant for us!

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