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watch out for the world it may suck souls

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November 7, 2015 in Resistance


I entirely hate evil and it disgusts me all that they’ve maliciously done to us. Humanity has trillions time more potential than all this debt they’ve forced throughout much of their political careers of being sellouts. Only a few really cared about this nation and they were scrutinized but with dignity became the bigger man that few could see because so many people were blind the to scandals devouring lives all around them. It’s terrible how they play games like war is fun since it’s peace they do not know. I try so hard but I’m limited by my capacity and support. I can only do so much on my own and what’s difficult is how the world puts down individuals for a collective of tyranny thinking that makes them prosperous when it’s without liberty they wouldn’t even have existed in the first place.

Time isn’t limitless for we who are mortals in our current state. That certainly doesn’t mean combining with machinery could ever accomplish an entirety. What’s naturally endowed does forever remain clear. So why is it they preach evolution of creatures unto another and not the pure natural evolution of mankind? False hope and wicked changes are the last things we could ever need. To be wary of tyranny is what civilizations are made out of. To be prosperous largely depends upon freedom and a country’s reputations. The reputation that the founders of this nation built is currently be ruined by factions of an incredible stance gone towards apparent dehumanization. The world can’t run for long off foolishness. A child can get away with horrendous acts only for so long before it catches up to them. We all came from the same individuals who were the start of this human race. Quantum mechanics proves we are all interconnected, what you do unto others is when you’ve either blessed or cursed yourself in the run for everlasting life.
As a scientist I will tell you there’s heaven above and hell below. Either we expand even unto the farthest reaches of the universe with love as our absolute main compassion of drive or many more will get stuck in the world as it’s going to become hellish in due time then contract/disintegrate into nothingness. Venus and Mercury are clear examples of that but as I speak most are too divisive about avoiding reality to really care to talk about what’s being said on the most important points. Human existence shouldn’t be taken for grant it. It’s extremely noticeable how much God really loves us especially when we strive for righteousness, it’s the very prime aspect we can thrive in an eternity of experiencing perfection.
Life isn’t something definable by an establishment based primarily upon deception. Tyrants wish to intercept the potential humanity has then abuse it until death. I know what they’ve done is disturbing but what’s worse is not doing anything about it. I’m all for people owning as much freedom as can be, it’s justice that must occur when either one cannot control themselves or are so gone that they’ve joined the wrong side. I love liberty and know when it’s expressed Christ wins easily. The U.S.A. is currently undergoing a tidal wave of tyranny, embrace for impact and overcome all these wanna be giants. Their intellectual abilities reveal in most through morality of heart which they damn near don’t have at all.

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