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was it correct for alex jones to take part in the interview with piers morgan …;did he let himself down and what are your views in him taking part in this ?

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January 8, 2013 in Resistance



Was it correct for alex jones to take part in the interview with piers morgan …;did he let himself down and  what are your views in him taking part in this ?

according to his biorthyms chart (see below)…this date was the wrong date for him to take up the challenge with piers morgan …..

Biorhythms  Report date: 07 Jan 2013
Created for: Alexander Emerick “Alex” Jones (born February 11, 1974), 11 Feb 1974


Primary rhythms I-Ching rhythms
Physical 20/23 10% Compassion 37/38 38%
Emotional 15/28 * 44% Aesthetic 21/43 57%
Intellectual 21/33 16% Awareness 3/48 66%
Intuitive 37/38 38% Spiritual 7/53 85%
Overall * 23%


Secondary & Extra rhythms
Wisdom 30% Mastery 13% Passion 27%
Perception 24% Psychic 41% Success 27%



- critical day


This day is unsuccessful and disorderly.It’s impossible to actualize plans or envision future prospects.Conflicts are possible at home and at work.It’s better to postpone business communications and activities, as you are absent-minded, biased, and likely to make errorsThis is a time of rest after a period of physical activity and problem-solving.

Try to do tasks that don’t require a great amount of effort, will-power, or concentration.

Meet with old friends, go for a walk, or watch TV.

Avoid any situations of stress or conflict.


Emotional instability

Extreme sensitivity and emotional instability may affect everything, from work to personal relationships.

You may be hard to understand.

Don’t let your emotions carry you away.

Try to concentrate.



what is  Biorhythms ?




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15 responses to was it correct for alex jones to take part in the interview with piers morgan …;did he let himself down and what are your views in him taking part in this ?

  1. What matters is he got more folks to wake up. Who cares how they portray him. They would have made him look bad one way or the other. PM does this to every person on his show that has diff views then he. So what if people are upset that he didn’t let the POS call him stupid and belittle him. Just the fact that the worms made such a big deal about it after the fact only proves that they are dirty low down cowards. So if you now have more woke up then job well done. AJ did what should have been done decades ago. Not just turn tail and hide under the covers like what got the dictators in power.
    I know what most of you mean buy saying he was a little out of line but like I said. They would have got him one way or the other. Besides, blaming AJ for something that was done decades ago is just counter productive. The minute our reps gave the dictators a single inch and we turned the other way it was bound to cause issues. AJ is not to blame for that. We all are.

  2. Alex is correct and did it the right way. Conformity to the supposed standards of public society is useless since evil people practically control people’s perceptions of what’s acceptable, providing such false sense of whose righteous. “Political correctness” is simply a tool of manipulation. Like the Bible says to be a friend of the world is to be the enemy of God. He took the correct approach of being real, not caring what the world thinks, getting out tons of info, and putting himself on the line so truth/justice might spread even further throughout humanity. So what Alex did certainly is positive, his outrage on that show made more news than it would have otherwise. Many people choose to believe what they want even in defiance of pure evidence. Though he could never single-handily wake up everybody, his deliverance does tend to be sufficient in waking many up from their trance. From there it’s up to each individual to take the initiative of researching the facts and to stop being cowardly in the face of danger. Yes many people might consider him crazy due to his performance but those people have no idea that we’ve been under attack and how serious of a situation life really is.

    • listening to the radio liberty interview from Joel Skousen states that alex jones walked into a trap…..waiting for him ” his choice of offensive attacking in the interview was not the best action/ way of getting the public view on his side before he was attacked by piers morgan ” u can hear the full interview at radio liberty ”Joel Skousen – World Affairs Brief ”
      his stragedy was not the best

      • I say that alex picked up on the fact that they wanted to clown him out, as they always try to do with their previous guest. So, i believe that at one point alex just said ‘screw it i’m not bendin’. If it was a proper debate you would’ve had a moderator but this wasn’t the case. Hell they didn’t have a live audience, as they did with previous persons b4 alex. I think alex assesssed the environment and picked up on what they were aimin to do.

  3. Alex knew he was walking into an ambush and he went anyway. That is courage. Some will say it’s stupid but he got a lot of info out there and a plug for infowars.com. His adrenaline level was sky-high and he told the truth. Morgan’s leading questions were swatted away by Alex. I agree his style was rough but that’s Alex Jones. If there are any articulate speakers out there, please step up and help him out.

  4. Jones was baited into coming. He had support from all angles in some bad ways. Don’t even think this was his fault.

  5. Judging from the responses on the cnn website and comments on the video, it would seem Alex did more harm than good. It does not help the cause if lawful gun owners are easily stereotyped as paranoid. Alex was completely correct on point though…simply flawed delivery. I am not sure that one was winnable though. Morgan would have been the bully had Alex not stepped up. When Alex was passionate, Morgan sat back and played the thoughtful intellectual cherade…and then rediculed Alex via tag team later.

    • He gained a lot of name recognition by going on Piers’ show, not that he did not have that before, but some of the more inquisitive viewers out there are likely checking out AJ’s movies and videos over on YouTube~

  6. Yeah, I hate to say it, but he probably did more harm than good. His fans “get it” but the general public was probably blown away, and watching the following Dershowitz interview, they are going to use the interview with Alex to effectively push for gun control.

    • agreed ..it finally comes down to … do u want life or death ?
      guns can protect life and also can destroy life…..

    • Yea he was an embarrassment to the Liberty movement great material bad acting and presentation I give him a D+ I cant refer ppl to his show because of his BAD ACTING not his material.

      • I like Alex and Info Wars but ppl I refer there tell me they think hes nuts and only regard him as a shock jock. Last night didnt help. Most ppl see the reactions and theatrics they dont listen to the message because they cant get past his ranting

        • I was holding my head in my hands when he started with challenging him to a boxing match then using that BAD english accent. It would have been great TV just like a Jerry Springer show funny but the message was lost.

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