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VETERANS’ DAY: One Veteran’s Point of View

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November 11, 2012 in Resistance


VETERANS’ DAY: One Veteran’s Point of View
Copyright November 11, 2012
Ronald Boldt

Today is Veterans’ Day, it is the so-called day to “honor” those of us that have served, with the majority of the population, being the mindless cowardly zombies that they are, do so only once a year, like giving your cur bitch of a dog a pat on the head and saying good boy.

Let’s think about what this day means to me a veteran that fought bled and suffered to keep this country safe, so you limp dick liberals and wanna be Constitutionalist, I am referring to those that never served, we don’t want your bullshit self-righteous horseshit of saying oh thank you. Why are you thanking us, is it because you were a wimp or didn’t have the balls to serve?

Are you thanking us because you are cowards and will not serve?

Are you thanking us because you feel you have to do it once a year?

If you want to thank us veterans do it every day, and prove it not by your bullshit sentimentality of words but by actions. If you know of disabled veterans, go over and mow their lawn for them, wash their car, do little things to prove you are thankful.

Actions speak louder than words, and so far the only action we veterans get is screwed over by the population in general. If you loved or honor us then get off your ass vote on bills to allow us to get our pensions before we die, have better VA hospitals and clinics; build more Soldiers Sailors homes (rest homes for veterans); make sure that they will be the last to be fired.

So you see why we want to hear once a year from your Jabba the Hutt mouths, thank you. I say screw you.

The politicians will glad hand and state thank you veterans only during election years, at the same time cutting down our pensions and benefits. Less than 2% of sitting elected leaders has served. So I say go screw yourself too.

Out of all the presidents a majority served, some with distinction and reaching general, 12 of them; and less than a dozen never served. And no that Zombie in Chief did not serve and does not have my or other veterans respect. Since 1970 only three had served and that was Ronald Regan, George Bush Sr, and GW Bush. The rest were cowards.

Obama, aka Soetoro demands to be called Commander in Chief, that little sheitzen is not good enough to lick a service member’s boots. And to be called Commander in Chief it is only in time of war. The last war was WWII, which an Act of Congress was done and a formal declaration of war was issued, so no Viet Nam, Korea, all the little brush wars we fought from Nam to today are not wars they are conflicts, so you veterans of today and tomorrow don’t run your mouth and say Afghan War, cause I will kick your ass, even though I use a walker. By saying you served in a war is not only a lie but it belittles what the veterans of WWII did. It is a conflict nothing more.

And I know there will be some out there so called conservatives who will bitch and say today it is a war, I say read your Constitution it clearly states what a war is, everything else is a conflict.

A majority of the civilians, liberals and wanna be conservatives, love having this day, because it is another day off. Well what do you do for us veterans, I will tell you what not a god damn thing. I have never had some liberal or conservative come to my home and say here because we respect what you did we will mow your yard or help you out. So for you lazy zombies I say screw you and drink your Jim Jones Kool Aide.

Oh there are a few greasy spoons that once a year will offer a free meal to veterans, yeah mighty white of them, much like tossing a bitch dog a bone once in a while. Screw you too.

Out of all the businesses out there one of the best that proves they respect veterans is Lowes, they give all veterans 10% off their sales, every day of the year. All other stores, sorry Charlie.

So before you run your blubber mouth, with its zombie drool running down your cheek, think before you speak, if you don’t prove to veterans you care, we don’t want your pity or bullshit.

I know there is going to be a large number of comments on this but as Rett said in one with the Wind, “Frankly my dear I don’t give a damn.”

What I am trying to say is don’t be a mindless zombie if you respect us make sure we have housing, food, medical care, help with day to day living. There is better than 75% of veterans that have served from Korea to the 1990s that are homeless, and so before you say we care I say PROVE IT.

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