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November 21, 2012 in Resistance


Copyright November 21, 2012
Ronald Boldt

As the new flu season is fast approaching many people wonder at which is the greater risk taking the vaccine or risk getting the flu.

Again the CDC and NAH have made the comment that the H1N1flu is rearing its ugly head again.

A small percentage of the population here in the states, and larger groups overseas, have refused to take the vaccine, since time and again the H1N1 vaccine has been proven to cause death, Autism, and brain damage, even some reported cases of sterility.

One of the main ingredients in that vaccine is mercury, which is a heavy metal and highly toxic.

Poland has refused to allow any more of that vaccine to be used or shipped into their country as it had cause the deaths of 21 people.

The Polish government has made a statement that they will allow no more American or European vaccines within their country until safer ones are developed.

What the public does not realize about not only this vaccine is dangerous but many more are just as deadly, if you ever get the chance to read the inserts, you will be shocked since the medical staff that are pushing to give these vaccines, they know that these vaccines causes a diversity of disorders from sterility, cancer and even death.

Those that have mercury used in their manufacture will list in the inserts that they will cause severe neurological defects and disorders.

After last year, with many Europeans refusing to take the vaccines, it shocked the American population, since there was no major outbreak in Europe. This simple fact proved to the fence sitters, that these vaccines may be the cause of the flu outbreaks.

Since so many of Americans and Europeans have refused to take the H1N1, pharmacology companies are now adding the h1N1 into other vaccines and other shots.

The shocking aspect to these whole killer vaccines that is out there in the general population is that the FDA along with the companies knows about these vaccines causing all of these severe defects and death, and yet these are still put out into the public. Several of the vaccines are known to cause sterility, cancer, neurological disorders, even psychotic episodes, and still the FDA refuses to pull them from the market.

The FDA operates hand in hand with the Big Pharma, with many Directors of the FDA were once employees of the Big Pharma, and go back to work with them again.

The FDA recently renewed the drug Viaox, even though there have been over 50,000 deaths.

To show contempt for the health and wellbeing of the American populations, even the current White House Science Czar, has made the statement that the people need to be sterilized if not by drug then by force.

The United Nations, along with the WHO, {World Health Organization} want to use chemical sterilization of the masses in an attempt to depopulate the planet.

In the 1990s the WHO was caught using HCEG Hormones, which they knew causes abortions, causes autoimmune disorders and can cause death in a large percent of the female population within the Third World countries.

WHO is now using the new vaccines which were approved by the FDA, with known issues including some that will cause the deaths of 1/3 the population, and survivors either being sterilized or auto immune disorders; but still they are willing to use it on others but not on themselves or their family members.

Bill Gates had donated over ten billion dollars to create a vaccine that would lower the world population by over 15%.

Bill Gates and his father are both Eugenics followers.

So the next time that you head off to the doctor’s office think before you get the shot, since you never will know if you are being injected with a time bomb.

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