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Vaccine Psy-Op…

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December 10, 2012 in Resistance




                       credit to rckyprkns: for aiming this at my path…

Do we really need this????   And o… will add a Great Big NO! We not only do not “need this”, it is to be Avoided at all Costs. Many workers are being told that to keep their jobs They Must! , have vaccines…. It is presented as “The Law”, well it is not the Law!  You can ask for the Waiver. You can say it is against your Religious Beliefs. If those that are at the Heart of this “System-Push” had a clue, they might doubt you… As “They” have no clue,  You have Redress…  If you get fired, you can go to court against the Employer and as well, you can file a Cilvil Suite against the Individual that has been on a power trip and ratted you out! Do you think that will have a changing effect upon the system?  Just watch the rats abandon ship when they get served!…   NO VACCINES! As always I have to mention the Loving Bill and Melinda Gates Eugenics Foundation, Ending Life around the globe…  NO!  NOT KIDDING!!! 

Commentary by Otter Walks on Two Feet…  Survive-All…   o…   10/12/12  



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