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TX Court temporarily backs Schoolgirl refusing to be RFID ‘chipped’

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December 2, 2012 in Resistance


December 2, 2012. San Antonio. In one of the first battles in the nation over the process of ‘chipping’ children against their will by attaching or implanting an RFID chip to their bodies or ID cards, a Texas high school student stood up to the school, school board and even government officials, and won her right to not be chipped. While the temporary restraining order preserves the girl’s civil rights for now, it is a clear sign that the program to microchip all Americans is underway.


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2 responses to TX Court temporarily backs Schoolgirl refusing to be RFID ‘chipped’

  1. Good for her, but we must go further. ALL parents need to formally withdraw children from the schools who are using chips and file class action suits against the schools. Those who sit around waiting for others to save them wait forever.

    • I agree…. but, this goes WAY beyond just removing your kids from the schools. It’s time for “We the people” to stand the HELL up, and show some teeth!

      This kind of shit, shouldn’t even be TOLERATED by ANY U.S. Citizen, or ANY court of law….PERIOD! This crap goes against EVERYTHING we stand for!

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