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TSA out of My State

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January 28, 2013 in Resistance


What would happen if we orginized our Sherrifs in as many states as possible, to declare the TSA an Illegal form of Law Enforcement, and force them to resign their positions, or face arrest for breaking the individual laws of the State. What laws? That is easy, we charge them with what they are guilty of; Multiple counts of sexual assault, physical assault, search of property under duress. We can charge them with actions deemed a threat to the safety and well being of the Public. Unwarrented searches, and assault  on minors. So many charges we would run out of paper to hold the ink.

The nice part, we have all the evidence on their camera systems. Not enough Sheriff’s to go arround? Deputize under the Malitia clause while we still have it. I know there are MANY out here in washington that would not hesitate to kick the TSA out for good. I highly doubt you would have any prosecutor willing to get mowed down by a motivated State populace in these situations. More likely, you would see empty terminals at the airport, standing tribute to the power of the will of the people to not be opressed. And you would see reports of our victory spill across main stream media in a cold attempt to paint us black. But they would know, even as they reported, the point of no return is crossed, and they are on the wrong side.

Its a simple idea to state, but one that would take far more wisdom than I have to see through. It would take each state to have its citezens come out to rally at the capitol steps to make sure Govenors, and The state’s Attourney General¬† would stand behind this. Maybe even have the Sherrifs ready to arrest any one that fails to comply with the order to help disban these people. We could use the system we have to rid our selves of these infringements, but it will take real courage, and real fight power to make it so. Most of all it would take coordination. It would have to be done on such a large scale that the federal government would be blind sided by the reality, and sheer size of it. But I believe it to be possible. Whats that Obama says “Yes We Can”!!

But, I am a desperate American, like so many, just looking at all the options on the table, not wanting to see the last option forced upon us by an ever increasingly scary Government. So any Idea I get wrong, I appologize, but if my Idea makes sense, then FULL STEAM AHEAD CAPTAIN!!

We have to start DOING things. We have talked long enough, and we have allowed too many to get rich off of us while we go broke. We have allowed our selves to be bullied for far to long. But I am talking iron bars with fellow inmates, I just hope we get this right before we are sharing caskets with fellow corpses.

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