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Transhumanism and New Age Movements Merging

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January 20, 2013 in Resistance


Transhumanism and New Age Movements Merging – Paul Revere Independent News

The Interfaith 2045 Council is discussing the spiritual importance of science and development of humanity. They are discussing using technology to bring about global consciousness by merging humans with machines. The Interfaith 2045 Council consists of different religous leaders…


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5 responses to Transhumanism and New Age Movements Merging

  1. On a general note, isn’t this the rise of a single world religion? If the Luciferians can get into your head with tech, then there would not be room for God. My guess is that they would use the new tech to program human minds to do what they want. See MK-ultra for examples of that they do currently and project that onto this new tech.

  2. I agree that putting all Transhumanist in a box is unfair. I’m reffering to the upper levels in the United Nations such as think tank groups like the 2045 Intiative.I know it’s a seperate group, but it does work with the U.N.. The 2045 movement is as Spiritual as it is Technological, and that’s where a lot of the money and influence is. For Transhumanism and the New Age movement to fully merge will take time. It will be a process and won’t happen overnight. In the 2045 Initiative video, they don’t even mention spirituality as the main focus until the end of the video. Spirituality is the end goal. As the 2045 Interfaith video demonstrates, religious leaders are very interested in using modern science to enhance telepathy. I’m not attacking people or personalities. However, I will discuss leaders in the New Age movement like Blavatsky and Alice Bailey. I’ll also discuss leaders in the Transhumanist movement like Kurzweil. I’m more interested in the ideology debate. I respect you for sharing your information. It gives me more information to study with an open mind. I’m personally a Christian. Christianity does not allow us to participate in telepathy or other New Age practices. When I saw the Transhumanist movement using some of the same terminology as the New Age movement, it raised some red flags. Then when I saw the 2045 Interfaith Dialogue it confirmed many of my suspicians. Plus who controls all this technology? I can see this technology being very helpful to people if it’s not abused. But I can also see it as a tool of control, both phisically and spiritually. It’s like voting machines. They can be great, but when in the hands of a few it can control the masses. I also agree with that most Transhumanist are mainly secular humanist and atheists and are probally not involved in the spiritual end. All I’m saying is that many of the leaders in this movement say this ends up being a spiritual experiance. So as a Christian, I believe we need to be asking more questions.

  3. I am an active transhumanist, and I see very little interweaving between traditional forms of religion and “mainstream” transhumanism. There are (only?) the following sporadic exceptions and they are largely metaphorical or “tongue-in-cheek”.

    - fringe Mormon transhumanism – which not accepted in “mainstream” Mormon religion; ties in to Teilhard de Chardin’s ideas. Maybe a little Tipler.
    - the now defunct (dormant) Order of Cosmic Engineers, specifically Giulio Prisco and Ben Goertzel (specifically Goertzel branch neo-cosmism)
    - The somewhat silly Turing church, specifically Prisco’s advocacy, and Anders Sandberg’s hilarious religious ceremonies.
    - James Hughes, who just happens to be very nice Buddhist inclined.

    For the rest transhumanists are a mix of SF fans, futurists, techno-fetishists, researchers and idealists. I’d say about 90% is a blend of materialist atheist /slash/ scientific reductionists. A few have “vague ideas that there might be something spiritual’ happening in quantum mechanics.

    The 2045 movement is Russian. I am ever so loosely involved with them, and whereas the movement is quite pro “verifiable” scientific statements, the founder Dmitri also favors “keeping an open mind” to a range of new age concepts.

    It is important to understand that Transhumanists tend to have very complex ideas and personal belief systems (and egos) and to make bold statements on “what Transhumanists believe” is akin to making statements on “what the French eat”.

  4. Their referring too synthetic telepathy.


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