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To Be Homeless now you have to get a Permit

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November 17, 2012 in Resistance


Illuminus States of Union Homless Permit
“To Be Homeless now you have to get a Permit”
“A new law would give Nevada City the power to hand out permits to a small group of homeless, which would give them permission to sleep in public.”…(SEE MORE)

**the world (society) around us has been in slow decline and decay for a long time. it used to be shocking to me each time i heard about yet another freedom being striped away from us to feed the greed and control appetite for the disgusting elitist pricks. I think this new travesty trumps them all. Nevada City now requires their Homeless to have permits to allow them to be Homeless in their City.
W H A T ? Total BULL$#!t ! In the not to distant past, when you were unable to deal with Government control and Societies ridicule, you could just throw in the hat and say, “Fuck it”, and just live on the fly and be homeless. now you have to suck it up, take all you can take until you explode, say “fuck it”, quit your job, catch the bus, go stand in line at a Government Permit office, apply for a permit, wait for your approval, and if your granted your “Homeless Permit”, then they might allow you be homeless. For crying out loud. I guess about the only thing left is metered oxygen. but I guess I shouldn’t be presenting more ideas for these candy ass elitists to make another buck on. These idiots can conspire to conquer nations, Governments, and Societies. They can go through all the trouble to achieve all of these ridiculous agendas, but if one of these Pagan inbred pansies had to survive 2 days without a butler, you would probably find them in their underwear in the corner of somebody’s basement, sucking their thumb with their “Blankie”. bunch-o-bitches. If you find one before I do, ask him for his damn permit. I’m sorry, HA-HA, I am just totally fed up, and I need to let the steam out every now and them. Thanks for letting me rant, and I hope this entire illusion of a system we live in, totally falls apart. 34 days left. Peace, Shawn D

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  1. Not at all surprised by this… gotta keep track of everyone somehow; at least according to the NWO scenario in the not-too-distant future.. The government permit most likely has an embedded RFID chip with GPS location????? Keep up the work for FREEDOM & LIBERTY~!

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