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February 23, 2013 in Resistance


This is a warning for all US internet users: Starting this coming week, the majority of all US Internet users are going to be subject to a new copyright enforcement system that may force them to complete educational programs, and may even slow their Internet speeds to a crawl for continued copyright violations.

A source with direct knowledge of the Copyright Alert System (CAS), who asked to not to be named, has told the Daily Dot that the five BIG participating Internet service providers (ISPs) will start the highly controversial program on Monday.

The ISP’s, including industry monsters AT&T, Cablevision, Comcast, Time Warner, and Verizon are going to be launching their versions of the ‘Copyright Alert System’ on different days throughout this coming week. Comcast is expected to be the first, beginning on Monday.


How does this new Copyright Alert System work?

It’s going to be an automated “graduated response” system, which means that it will slowly ramp up upon your punishments each time it thinks that you are pirating files. The first two times, you will just receive an email and a voicemail saying that you have been caught. The third and fourth times, you’ll be redirected to “educational” material, and you’ll have to click that to let them know that you understood the material. The fifth and sixth times, it will get much more serious: Your Internet connection may be slowed to a crawl for several days.

What do you think will happen after that?

Well, after you’ve ‘passed those courses with flying colors”, you’ve “graduated” from the system! No more alerts. Congratulations! The Copyright Alert System won’t hamper you any more! Except, you’ll now be labeled a ‘serial pirate’ and the content companies might then try to sue you as a serial pirate. The fact that you have already been cited six times for copyright infringement will more than likely be used in court against you.

I say BRING IT ON! MOLON LABE, BABY! The content companies CAN ALL BE SHUT DOWN by WE THE PEOPLE if we so choose, they truly must remember who pays their bills: US!

Read more about the Copyright Alert System here.

Source for this story can be found here.

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3 responses to THERE MESSING WITH THE INTERWEBS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Where there’s a will, there’s always a way around this kind of thing. I’m not a big pirate or anything…..but I still don’t like the tone the copyright police are setting….

    My advice is like simon’s..use a vpn. Or Tor, I2P, etc. Most users don’t know about those kinds of things though, and will certainly suffer the wrath of the system.

  2. hell just use a vpn and watch the idiots chase their tails

  3. It ain’t about the piracy. Whoever said that is lying. This is about questionable digital material. Now that federal agencies are interlinked with the ISP’s, it’s putting federal labels on data running through the network, which will thusly be termed “Illegal piracy”, insinuating that because the government is looking to hamper the effects of questionable materials being transferred digitally, they’d just go along with the “self starting initiative” of the ISP’s.

    CISPA really did a number on that one, but it ain’t all bad. It’s the fact that maybe people knew that Anonymous could be used as a cyber-security threat to keep the intelligence rackets going. The logical thing for the government to do is to articulate this vaguery before it becomes the pinnacle of defeat in terms of national security. We know Anonymous ain’t as bad as they’re claiming. And we know what’s up.

    Welcome to your bad news/good news day, courtesy of tha pidz ;)

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