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December 2, 2012 in Resistance


COPYRIGHT December 2, 2012
Ronald Boldt

Obama and his goon squad of an administration is proceeding with a novel way to finance trillion-dollar budget deficits by forcing IRA and 401(k) holders to buy Treasury bonds, through the use of mandates with the placement of government-structured annuities in their retirement accounts; regardless of the threat it imposes on their security for the future.

Obama has his eye on the U.S. retirement assets totaled $18.5 trillion; of which 3.5 trillion was in IRAs and $5.1 trillion was in 401(k) plans. This force buying of fiat currency and bonds would wipe out the national debt, allowing Obama to send trillions of dollars to overseas banks and into his own coffers.
For over two years, the U.S. Treasury Department and the Department of Labor have been holding combined hearings on various plans designed to introduce government-mandated retirement plans and investment options, including government annuities invested primarily in U.S. Treasury bonds, forcing the private individual retirement accounts to invest in these fiat currency bills.

Obama was wanting to know why Americans are not saving as much as they should, well you moron could it be that you and your mental midgets in y our administration has ruined the economy to the point that Americans have to spend their savings on food and shelter, and what little they do have left goes into gold or silver.

The average American may take one vacation every other year, with a majority of them staying home, unlike Obama who is now planning on a 17 day vacation, which will cost the American taxpayers.

If Obama wants to lower the deficit then stop going on vacations. Every vacation, just for taking off in Air Force One costs the Americans 1.5 million dollars, cost the Americana’s millions of dollars. I say make them pay that money back.

In the past four years the Obamas went on fourteen vacations, and then he wonders why America is in debt? Is he really that much of a moron?

Last year alone it cost we the people over ten million dollars for the Obama’s to be the jet set of the White House. When the average American may spend under a thousand dollars they spent hundreds of millions on their so called vacations. Obama has spent more time outside the White House then in.

So to pay for his lavish gluttony Obama has decided to tap into the retirement packages and force them to be liquidated and that money transferred into T-Bills. That is theft and he has no power to do that.

You have to wonder does this simpleton think he can steal from Americans and get away with it?

What is worse is the fact why Congress and the Senate is not stepping up to the plate and forcing Obama to be impeached, or are they all on the take too; well that was a rhetorical question we know they are criminals.

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