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The Ultimate Decision

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February 8, 2013 in Resistance


I’ve never gave much thought about this. But today, I did. How willing are you to give the ultimate sacrifice for what you believe? Are you willing to let your loved ones have their lives taken for what you believe?

In your activism, you finally are under the microscope of the government and are put to the ultimate decision. You have been threatened, your loved ones have been threatened with losing their lives if you don’t shut up. You have been given a choice. Shut up or be killed or if you don’t, your wife, children will be killed.

Do you shut up and follow the tyrants rules or do you continue to speak out and let them kill you? This question makes me ask more questions. If you don’t shut up and they kill you, they probably won’t leave your family alone anyway. They will continue to harrass your family after you’ve been assassinated and they will be forced into a FEMA camp or detention center anyway to continue to live under the tyranny. Or do let them torture and kill your family members, thinking that they are going to a better spiritual place than here, to keep your voice heard? You never want to see your children hurt by anyone. You also don’t want them to live under tyranny either. If you’re the target of the government, where do you draw the line in the “ultimate decision”?

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3 responses to The Ultimate Decision

  1. Well thank you for posting your thoughts. I thought what I say is profound. We need to be discussing these kinds of things. I have thought about your question many times. I see at a divided America right now. A dependent America and an America in denial. It seems the people around me fall into these areas. My only plan is to bug out when the time comes. I figure even if I stay home and bug in, people around me will rat me out to the goons in uniform for a little GMO food. 3 million preppers is small compared to 300 million unprepared Americans. I will bug out to a location that has NO address, access road or WiFi.

  2. You gave yourself an ultimatum, my friend, and all of that has come out because of what you believe. There are so many of those in life. This one is special; it’s yours. Who else could have thought that in that way today? It’s your knowledge to interpret as a wisdom. The truth of the scope of certainty you propose your decision to be made under is due to your observed knowledge.

    I cannot pretend to know what made you think it, but damn, look at me, talking to you ;)

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