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The New Religion: Obama

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November 27, 2012 in Resistance


The New Religion: Obama
Copyright November 27, 2012
Ronald Boldt

CUT AND COPY THIS LINK HERE TO SEE THE PAINTING: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=507547449269965&set=a.239009849457061.65444.100000441443196&type=1&theater

Recently Jamie Foxx, the moronic so called comedian, has stated “Let us give thanks to our God and Lord and Savior, Obama.” If this is not madness then a majority of Americans are becoming delusional that maybe he is the Second Coming.

Recently it was leaked that Obama had commissioned a painting to be done of him, showing him as if he was the Second Coming, a crown of thorns, arms out splayed, looking down upon the people. Now if this is not offensive, then the fact that he is playing up to that delusion should be. Either he needs to be examined by several mental health professionals for delusions of grandeur, psychosis and bi-polar disorders. He should be removed from his post since he is either 1. A charlatan, 2. Has a mental disorder, or 3. Committing fraud in the name of a religion.

This here should be grounds to have him removed for medical reasons, and forget the impeachment. May people say they talk to god, but those that claim they are god, are medicated or institutionalized, and yet here is Obama playing into the hoax as if he is the Second Coming, and as such needs to be sent to the nut house.

GW Bush, said he talked to god everyday, and he never said or implied he was god or Jesus, yet here Obama is now playing up the delusions of the zombie nation and saying that he is the State Religion.

If this does not get you slow moving, lazy Christians off you lard asses and contact your politicians they you deserve to be not only offended but worship him as your new savior and give him the Kiss of Shame, meaning what you Christians said we pagans did to your concept of the devil during the Spanish Inquisition, kissing the devil’s ass.

But I think too many of the readers out there; including the rest of the Zombie Nation will not even pick up their phones and decry this outrage to their Congressmen, and Senators.

The voice of one person can do nothing but the voice of millions can demand action.
So post this article and the photo to your Face Book account, your MySpace account, or email it to your friends and let us get Obama the mental help that he is so desperately needing.


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