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The Need based Argument.

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November 23, 2012 in Resistance


“Jeder nach seinen Fähigkeiten, jedem nach seinen Bedürfnissen!”.
(“From each according to his ability, to each according to his need”)

I always see people rant against socialism yet I feel many do not truly understand socialists because as much as people rant about it they fail to recognize socialist arguments every day. We as freedom loving Americans are constantly attacked with “Why would you need ________”. I am sure you can fill in the blank, we have all heard it. Of course no reply is logical enough in the attackers mind to negate their demand to know why you would need that gun, home, car or luxury item that you can afford due to the fruits of your labor. In the mind of the collectivist the Individual is not responsible enough to determine his or her own needs or the needs of their family and only the State is responsible enough to determine an individual’s or family’s needs. They feel that anything in excess of the state’s determination of an individual’s needs is subject to seizure by the state usually through taxes to be redistributed.

We see this regularly throughout recent changes in our society. Parents are deemed too irresponsible to determine the needs of their children. The threat of the state seizing a parent’s child always looms overhead if that parent should not meet every edict and demand set by the state. To most parents the most visible arm of the state is the School system and child protective services. The schools of course teach your children in a manner deemed appropriate and in subject matter deemed appropriate by the state and child protective services exists to provide an enforcement arm to the states many dictates regarding how you should raise your child. Parents who withdraw their child and choose to homeschool or refuse to pump their children full of questionable pharmaceuticals live with the threat of the state destroying their family looming over their head constantly. In many socialist nations these acts are considered child abuse and families are destroyed every day because parents tried to protect their children from indoctrination and poisoning.

Another ever present reminder of the blooming socialism in our society is Taxes. As it stands we pay Income taxes, sales taxes, Gasoline taxes, sin taxes and many more taxes. The average medieval serf paid roughly 25% of his income in taxes to the lord and the average American in 2009 paid 57.7% of their income in various taxes. The fact of the matter is that they tax you coming and going and that no dollar changes hands without almost 58 cents of it being subtracted for the State. In fact the American tax code is so complicated and trivial that there are entire libraries set aside for tax code. Our tax system is often used to hold the average American in their place while politicians cut breaks and exemptions for those they favor. We are told these taxes are necessary to repair our infrastructure, maintain our schools and for other services yet our infrastructure is falling apart, our schools are terrible and every justification for their taxes is in tatters. The truth of it is evident every time I go to the grocery store when the person in front of me with a cart full of premium cut meats, premium brand junk food and carts full of soda whips out an EBT card to pay for it all. Our taxes are used to maintain a welfare state where politicians can buy votes through a trickle of welfare to their favored demographic and a flood of welfare for their corporate sponsors. Now we are told that in order to be responsible we must pay carbon taxes and that a tax increase is necessary in order to preserve the state. We also must pay taxes for our habits or if we choose to have a stiff drink after work and have been ordered to pay private companies for a private service. In other socialist countries if the state deems your living space is in excess of your needs you have to pay higher taxes and we already know that our Government is striving to reach these models with their pursuit of carbon taxes and other taxes that are based in behavior modification. The bottom line is that without being politically favored the more you make the more they take and then redistribute to their favored ones. In the ideal socialist world a seasoned and experienced surgeon would live next door to the humblest of waitresses.

In collectivist lollipop land their notion of “Equal opportunity” is an outright lie. What they really mean to say is that those they favor should have more opportunity. If they were truly striving for equal opportunity scholarships and other advancements of life positions in employment would be based on merit however they are not. Instead they are based on an individual belonging to a favored class of citizens. Because of this more often than not the best and brightest in American society are denied opportunity while less competent people are promoted above them or given opportunities that the more competent individual may never attain. This system has created a bureaucracy of incompetence where the incompetent not only strives to further advance in this system but suppresses anyone they feel to be a threat to their position due to their competency. It is politically convenient that those of these favored classes are the most likely to elect collectivists into positions of power in return for these favors. When anyone has the audacity to point this out in our society they are immediately labeled a racist and marginalized.

Collectivists seek the destruction of the American way of life. They do this because they feel that the only way to bring about the nation of their design is in the ashes of the United States of America. They are envious of others and wish to be given a middle class life without doing middle class work or making middle class sacrifice. What they do not realize is that they too are mere pawns in a larger game. The Plutocrats use them just the same as they use others to quote Lenin they are “Useful idiots”. To the plutocrat in a world where they are exempt of the rules it does not matter how the lower classes live and a collectivist society is just as easy to control and profit from as a neo-feudalist society. There are examples of this littered throughout the history of our world in the failed socialist nations of the past. As we have seen in recent history our system has become a system of socialism but primarily for the ridiculously wealthy who regularly require “bailouts” and tax breaks at the mere threat of the end of life as we know it. They have no problem siphoning every bit of wealth from American workers and leaving only enough in the system to sustain their monstrous machine. We are held down in our place just the same. It is no coincidence that both the collectivist and the plutocrat require a disarmed police state in order to reach their utopia. It is also not a coincidence that education is abysmal in both utopias. The lower classes need only be able to operate their cash register or machine tools in order to generate profits for the elites and those who care capable of critical thought can question the system that imprisons them. The collectivists have been so well indoctrinated that they actually believe this is an answer to the threat of the plutocrat elite’s ideal world and the only true answer in their opinion just gives the wealthy more advantage.

The truth of the matter is we do not live in a “Capitalist” nation despite the efforts of the collectivists to point at capitalism in blame for the ills of our society. The truth is that we live in a plutocracy in which a socialist society is blooming for the lower classes. In a society with a fair tax system and a market that allows for competition the monopolies that exist would have never been able to form. They have formed because of the tax breaks and bailouts that have been given to them at the expense of their competition which is forced to pay for their own demise. Again we have seen many examples of this throughout recent history. If the American people where allowed to excel in a level playing field their ingenuity would quickly challenge the monopolies of the plutocracy. Sadly however today small business is given a huge tax burden and has to jump through so many regulatory hoops that it is impossible for them to compete on a level playing field with the monopolies.

To close this rant. Next time a collectivists tries to argue your choices based on need. Tell them they need to mind their own business. That you are competent enough to assess the needs of yourself and your family and do not require their interference or input. As the world sunsets into the darkness of Plutocracy and Socialism and the masses cheer the time for us to be polite and “reasonable” about protecting our rights is Americans is over. Truthfully we should have told these people where to go and what they could do with their collectivism 20 years ago. Americans are good and decent people though and the collectivists used this against us.

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