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The Common Core Collective Has Invaded

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April 13, 2013 in Resistance


We haven’t seen much in the corporate media or the alternative media alike about Obama’s newly implemented Federal education program known as ‘Common Core’. It appears to be another phenomenon that often occurs when both Democrats and Republicans agree on a major change in policy or law; being that it rides under the radar because it is controversial, widely unpopular and unconstitutional. Two popular examples are the Patriot Act and NDAA indefinite detention.

Common Core was founded and funded by Bill Gates and is supported by large corporations and the Board of Governors. It is designed to ease our children into the global society of the “new normal” of poverty and low-paying jobs. By first grade, the chosen few will be selected for college-based jobs, based on early testing and assessments. The rest will be trained for Trade Skills with very minimum scholarly standards. By ninth grade, the student will have his occupation selected.

‘Common Core’ has been implemented in 46 states. Lured with 2009 Stimulus Bill money that funded “Race to the Top”, states are able to continue grants {bribes} by implementing what looks more like “Race to the Bottom”. Common Core, with its low standards, limited curriculum, excessive testing, and big brother databases; in their words, “levels the playing field”. For example,  one of the few Math standards for children is that they are required to learn addition and subtraction by fourth grade. And it gets worse. See this. How many children are going to be diagnosed with ADD and prescribed drugs, because they are bored out of their minds?

This system will keep a database of all available personal information, including biometrics, test scores, discipline reports, questionnaires, and likely vaccine info, etc… From pre-K, throughout school, and into the child’s working career, an on-going digital dossier is stored. The massive data bank is being built by Wireless Generation, subsidiary of News Corporation, owned by Rupert Murdock. This information will be available for marketing purposes through inBloom inc., a corporation spin-off of Gates funded Shared Learning Collaborative (SLC}.

Nine states and districts have agreed to share confidential data on students and teachers with the Bill Gates funded organization, SLC.   Louisiana and New York have implemented Common Core’s shared data statewide, with more to follow.  LA Governor Bobby Jindal has also implemented for-profit Charter Schools funded by vouchers (tax-payer’s money).   Exxon-Mobil recently announced its ongoing financial grants in Baton Rouge, LA, with emphasis on Common Core. Our children will glide from strict, fascist indoctrination right onto the Corporate Plantation.

Common Core is online; no textbooks yet, thus restricting parental access. The same standardized courses, with low standards in Math, Language Arts and Science are taught word f or word to each child in the US. Instead of reading literature and learning liberal arts, students learn what the state deems necessary for the new global society. Teachers’ duties consist of following strict guidelines of babysitting students working on their computers, compiling students’ test scores and personal information into databases. The teachers themselves are also evaluated continuously. This is taking “dumbing down”  to even lower levels. Even if you are able to home school your child, this is detrimental to our society at large.

There is no local or state input. No deviations, no answers to questions and no parental input will be available. It is run top to bottom by the Federal government. Of course it is being exalted as a viable solution to our failing schools. Many believe the troubles in the schools are largely due to failed, oppressive Federal programs such as No Child Left Behind and Race to the Top

‘Common Core’ was stealthily presented as a state initiative to the states. Actually, the state is not allowed input at all, much less anything on a local level. It was presented to all the states all at once and 45 states took the bait (Federal stimulus money). Maybe with no pilot programs, they didn’t know what they were getting into. Like fire ants, they place themselves on you first and then sting all at the same time. It is also like bringing home a cockroach in a grocery bag and later finding your home is infested. It is an invasion.

After grants and have dried up, the costs to the states will be hundreds of millions and billions on the Federal level. Projected costs for Common Core for one time and seven years is $16 billion.   As usual, the citizens will pay for their own enslavement and control grid. All the while, the new system that has slipped in under our nose, is quietly being lauded in the corporate media as beyond question, the progressive answer to all our education ills. Let’s not forget to squeeze in the three years of National Service required of our young, global citizens. It will be in place, just in time; so our Mexican neighbors also, can be easily assimilated into the New World Order.

Funded by the Bill Gates eugenicists and population control freaks, there is no doubt this portends a dark and gloomy future. The good news is that it is not fully implemented in all states and is still in the early stages. Common Core is like an apple that has been eaten and all that is left is a useless core that is thrown away.   We have no choice but to challenge this stealth, Big Brother power grab of our children and children’s children’s minds and future. Fortunately, Ron Paul’s new home school program is a wonderful alternative to the Orwellian indoctrination prison camps we have these days.  God help us.

For more information, start by visiting the stop common core website.




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  1. Brain, the plan is already in full swing. Gates didn’t devise it, just funded it along with 2009 stimulus money to get it in the door. The states are required to finish the funding. Common Core was developed primarily by a nonprofit called Achieve, Inc., in Washington, D.C., under the auspices of the National Governors Association (NGA) and the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO). The Bush’s are heavy in it too.

  2. First, Bill Gates is, was and always will be a geek. Milinda only married him for his money. He can’t think of the ideas his foundation comes up with. Second, the plan can only come into being after 90% of us have been eliminated.

  3. Actually the math is good. The other stuff that comes with it is for manipulation of children. For example, in grade school you will learn to do algebra problems without doing algebra, from grades 3 to 6. Another method which gives you the same answer not using algebra.
    The same problem would not be doable in US math until they were in at least 10th grade using algebra.

  4. Other large companies are funding it also

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