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The 5th amendment makes the “nothing to hide” excuse invalid because you have the right to hide incriminating stuff

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February 2, 2013 in Resistance


According to the 5th amendment, the American people have the right to refuse to say/do something if saying/doing it would prove that they are guilty of a crime. Among other things, this implies that any government personnel who try to justify tyranny by saying “If you have nothing to hide, then you have nothing to fear” are violating their oath to defend the constitution. If government or law enforcement personnel ever try to use this “nothing to hide” excuse, it is a good idea to tell them that they are violating their oath since the 5th amendment right to not incriminate oneself means that anyone who has something illegal to hide has the right to hide it. If the government or law enforcement personnel don’t respect your desire to hide what you are hiding and force you to incriminate yourself, then according to the Exclusionary Rule the evidence they found cannot be used against you and must be thrown out of court.
Unfortunately, many sheeple find this ludicrous. If you try explaining this to sheeple, there is a good chance that the response you will get is, “Is it just me or does the 5th amendment seem ridiculous?” I myself have received this response when I try telling sheeple that the 5th amendment right to refuse self-incrimination gives you the right to hide incriminating evidence. These sheeple seem to think that the government cares for them and as such they feel the government should be allowed to catch criminals thru any means necessary, but if they knew that the government is a banking cartel controlled group of tyrants who want to microchip and exterminate 80% of the people on planet Earth then they would probably not consider the 5th amendment to be ridiculous.
There clearly are many cases where the government violates the 5th amendment by punishing people who try to use the 5th amendment to their advantage. Two specific examples of this include strip searches and court ordered drug tests for people on probation/parole. The 5th amendment implies that if the cops ask you to strip search then you have the right to refuse to remove your clothes, but if you refuse the cops will remove your clothes by force and if they find illegal stuff on you then they can ignore the Exclusionary Rule and charge you with possession of the item. And if you refuse to submit to a court ordered drug test, then your probation/parole officer can issue a statement that you violated the terms of your probation which will likely result in jail time. But according to the 5th amendment and the Exclusionary Rule, refusing strip searches and drug test should be perfectly legal.
I asked cops why the 5th amendment doesn’t apply to these cases and they said that strip searches are done for the sake of public safety, but this idea is ludicrous because all the cops need to do to keep the suspect from using weapons concealed in his clothing is to keep them in handcuffs and shackles for the duration that they are in custody (and this implies that the REAL REASON they strip search people is to humiliate them just like the real reason the TSA searches people at airports is to humiliate them). When I asked law enforcement personnel why the 5th amendment doesn’t give people on probation/parole the right to refuse a drug test, they said that the suspect lost his 5th amendment right when he was convicted of his crime, but this idea is also ludicrous because by definition, a “right” cannot be taken away from you no matter how badly you behave (unlike a privilege which can be taken away from you if you behave badly.) I have also been told that the 5th amendment only applies to verbal incrimination, but this idea is also ludicrous because courts have ruled that there are cases where incriminating oneself in a non-verbal manner is protected by the 5th amendment, and one of the best cases exemplifying this is Hiibel v. sixth judicial district court of Nevada where the court said that the 5th amendment applies to cases where showing an ID card would prove that someone is a criminal.
So in a nutshell, the 5th amendment makes the “nothing to hide” argument invalid, and it also shows that strip searches, court ordered drug tests, and other cases where one has no choice but to incriminate himself are illegal. But for some reason, the cops, the courts, and the government seem to think it’s ok to violate these principles.

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