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January 30, 2013 in Resistance


Monday, January 30, 2013

So I’ve suddenly come to the conclusion that I might stick around. Who knew there’d be a flood today!

Ahh…For the lulz, amirite? Just so you’re aware, this topic put the Cartel on edge:


You may have noticed the generous amount of reflex that has been generated amongst the stupid today. True Anons have no legitimate interest in this, but they’d sooner go along with it so long as that was what was prepared. Granted, I don’t spend any time in the IRC, but the groups that operate certain Anonymous aliases and are Hacktivists/Ambiganons spell out their intentions loud and clear through what they do and say. I did once say, accumulation is the rock upon the still water, and I made reference to a fact through being figurative in that regard, so take the wisdom well. They’re on the side of true good, that is unmistakable, and whatever has happened to them will have justice.

No hacking of any website, unless the owner was ill informed or did not know entirely not to put valuable shit on their website, is damaging. Hacking of secure databases is antagonized by the sheer audacity of perspective that can be placed into a confined group. And then there’s cabin fever in those rooms. It’s an accumulative disease, they never got into this shit to hack a list of clients and hold them for ransom. That’s a dealt blow to their mentality.

Just let the lawyers know Operation Torch Light is essentially salvation for the weak. They’ll take care of everything. In the meantime, where will I turn up next? :P

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