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February 6, 2013 in Resistance


Wednesday, February 06, 2012

There’s been alot of want for attention generated by a specific group of people on Facebook, possibly on other social media sites such as The Twitter among others, in the past few months (Since early December, to be close to exact). Most of this is done to draw attention away from the real Primaries of the Intel Cartel. Please keep in mind that these things are my own manifestation, and do not exist anywhere except in my mind and those who believe in it.

Therefore, the stupid ones have taken the bait, and have elected to use my ambiguity to their distinct advantage.

If you must know, there have been dealings on the internet using Facebook accounts as representative of a group of interests. This is done by evaluating the persona of people who are innocently liking the pages they create, and using that information to their advantage in creating the “New Life” things. It is impossible for me to describe by using the standard analytical method, as nobody on the planet would admit to hijacking it, but the main feature of this show is to create a wider perception of facts, and use those facts to create media that is not worth making objection. That group of interests, which ranges widely, now has a power over the people to buy and sell as they wish.

What is life, contemporarily speaking? You tell me, I am but one man! ;)

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