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Sports the New Roman Holiday

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December 5, 2012 in Resistance


Sports the New Roman Holiday
Copyright December 5, 2012
Ronald Boldt

Today the American public is so dumbed down from watching sports it is a miracle they can get up off their bean bag chairs to get another beer.

The sports “heroes” of today are drugged up on steroids, narcotics and psychotropic medication that they give a new name to addict.

As the masses cheer the modern gladiators they are lost in the moment and are swayed by the bombardment of neural linguistic programing and subliminal messages that they will believe whatever the emperor is spouting off at the mouth, or the telecaster is shouting.

Take the recent drugged out football player who killed his girlfriend then killed him, now the NFL and the news is blaming the Second Amendment, and many Americans agree. Well I say he should have just killed himself.

The people will mourn his passing saying, if it wasn’t for guns…. We need to ban guns…you name the bull they spout it. Instead of blaming the mental case that should never have been born, they blame everything but the person that is at fault.

This is nothing more than another means to try to strip the American people of their rights, and by falling for it, you the slaves, need to understand without our rights especially the right to keep and bear arms, then we can be controlled.

In Ancient Rome, the elite built the stadiums and arenas, paid for the gladiators to fight, and gave the slaves and poor free tickets to see the battle. The elite, politicians and emperor would then make announcements, ask to be elected or act to show how powerful they were to the masses. Today it is the same thing.

Now we have “organized” sports that are controlled by the government, televised from taxpayer paid for stadiums, to profit the elite, politicians and the gladiators of today; all the while warping the minds of the people that will spend hours watching them.

This is nothing more than the complete de-balling of the Alpha Males, and reprogramming the minds of the sheeple.

I bet of the NFL was to order the mental deficient males to strip naked and run screaming in the streets how many would do that?

Here they tempt the mind with semi dressed cheerleaders, tempt the taste buds with ads for beer, and promote liberal ideas to the masses and yet you the Obama Zombies all eat it up, like sugar to ants.

I know many out there, the ones that say they are a man or redneck, hell you are wrong we don’t listen to that. Really well prove it, if you say that you can enjoy grown men grabbing ass, huddling around each other and not be dumbed down queers then turn it off, write letter to the NFL, or better yet toss that boob tube out the door.

How many of those zombies that watch sports actually hunt or fish, that can defend themselves with hand to hand combat, can go out in the wilderness and not only survive but thrive, or will fight and die for a belief?

If this goes as planned you will find that they will take the guns and with that the round up will begin.

If you are feed up with the way sports are controlled by the government then stop watching them. I haven’t watched any sports since it came out in the 80s that the so called “heroes” were doping up. By doing that I have found I have more time for reading, research, and really enjoying life.

That is the one reason why I will never allow any sport to be showed in my house. The government uses it to control the masses and by your refusal to stop watching you are controlled mindless zombies.

So America prove me wrong stop watching all sports until the hands of the elite are no longer trying to program the masses.

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  1. I totally agree! Bunch of overpaid millionaires and cry babies.

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