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Shower Enclosures And Trays | Showers Tray Sizes | Guide

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November 22, 2017 in Resistance


Enclosed in Style

Although there’s something quaint and luxurious about having servants pour water over you like the upper classes of ancient, there is something lost in privacy and personal relaxation. The shower enclosure allows you all the pampering of the privileged in private.

Unless you have a budget fit for a pharaoh that will allow you to design an entire wet room or spa shower, you are most likely looking at a shower enclosure for a corner space in the bathroom. Home design is increasingly emphasizing the bathroom as a place of relaxation, comfort, and style, and shower enclosures and trays in a corner space will give you more choices at more economical prices.There are lots of shower bases available for modern bathrooms today.

Space is usually the deciding factor in determining the design of the shower enclosure, and the size of the tray determines the size of the enclosure. Although a semi-circular enclosure can work in a corner, the standard corner design is the square shower tray and enclosure, and you will have a good range of shower tray sizes to choose from.

Three of the main issues you will be considering in installing a shower enclosure are the frame, the glass, and the tray. Frame less shower enclosures and doors can lend a very a luxuriant look to a bathroom and have become a popular choice, but are more expensive because of the thicker glass required. Framed enclosures provide a fixed unit and are cheaper to install, though they require more materials than frame less shower enclosures.

When deciding on what kind of glass to use in your enclosure, it will benefit you to consider a contractor who has some degree of experience and even specialization in shower enclosure installation. The law requires the enclosure glass to be either tempered or laminated, and the proper use of glass in the hands of an experienced contractor can make the bathroom look bigger. Tempered glass will be the preferred choice because of its distinctive look and touch of class it will add to your bathroom.

Finally, you will need to decide if you will install a tray separately from the shower Base, or select a single-unit shower enclosure and tray. The latter may be preferable, as the tray will be specifically designed for the enclosure, and will be more effective in preventing leaks. In either case, a thoughtfully designed shower enclosure can be a great source of personal relaxation and renewal.

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