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Secede from the USA – Centralized Public List for All States

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November 13, 2012 in Resistance


Hello fellow infowarriors,

let us be organized when sharing and spreading information!


A state must receive 250 signatures before its petition can go public on the whitehouse.gov website. Our goal is to get each state in the USA to have a public petition. We need to do this together!

If a new state is added, or if you have petitioned a new state, please post here, and I will update the list. GO VOTE FOR VERMONT, THEY NEED 250 SIGNATURES BEFORE GOING PUBLIC AND A PETITION IS CREATED AND OUT THERE.

Let us send a message!


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1 response to Secede from the USA – Centralized Public List for All States

  1. Dear friends,

    The state of Washington has petitioned the Obama Administration for secession. In order to get an official review and response from the White House we must aquire 25,000 signatures and for our petition to be officially posted on whitehouse.gov we must obtain 149 more signatures, so please take a moment and help our state by signing this document which is posted below.

    Thank you all so much,
    God bless the Republic.


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