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Santa is a Democrat Socialist Welfare Recipient .

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December 21, 2012 in Resistance


NEWSFLASH: Santa is a Democrat Socialist Welfare Recipient .
Copyright December 21st 2012
Ronald Boldt
Here is how we know this:

1. He sits on his ass all year, and works only once a year.
2. He is obese.
3. He plays with children and lets children sit on his lap.
4 He has everyone else do all the work, which he then takes credit for.
5. When he does work once a year he demands praise and love for the little that he does do.
6. Finally he takes all the credit for all the work, planning and know how from those of us that do work.

See he is the same thing as Obama and the rest of the Welfare Zombies out there.

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5 responses to Santa is a Democrat Socialist Welfare Recipient .

  1. Well I always said he was the perverted uncle. He comes around once a year, gets the kids to sit on his lap and talk about the first thing that comes up, gives them gifts to keep their mouths shut and waits another year to see if the coast is clear to return.

  2. Thats pretty funny. I heard a rendition of the joke where Santa was a Republican. To be honest I don’t find buy into that R vs. D bullshit… Its all fake used to confuse the population.

  3. Obama is not one of those. His office does require alot of people to do alot of work for him, but he still has to decide on it. He’s an executive, and as such he has more responsibility than the others do. It’s probably like the movies where all the guys are like “Mr. President, this this and this” or “Mr. President, this this and this!”, but I’m sure he’s able to overcome that and take the proper advice.

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