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Face Rubbed in Poo

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December 28, 2012 in Resistance


After watching this disaster unfold in American society, and marveling at the inaction of the American people, as our Nation is torn apart by traitors who serve Hostile Foreign Entities!

Americans NEED to have their faces SHOVED IN THE SHIT.. NEED to have some Tyrant Poo up their nose, and in their mouth.. TASTE their own gutless subservience.. Americans have become loathsome servile trash, just like all those slave nations serving Dictators, that we have defeated in war after war.. And laughed at for generations.. Now YOU are the Joke of the world!

Americans have forsaken our own birthright, you deserve to suffer for it.. Being forced to eat shit, is the only thing that will cause them to stand up and fight the FLAMING TRAITORS that are intentionally destroying our country.. Oh, HAVE, past tense, destroyed our country..

EAT SHIT “America”, you deserve it! Until you have the guts to say NO I WON’T, again..


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3 responses to Face Rubbed in Poo

  1. AMEN! I agree 100%. But, eating shit will not change the Liberal mindset…They would swallow truckloads of the stinkiest dog shit, with a huge smile on their face, as they all bow to the Obama Socialist Party. Because, he’s the man!

    Let’s be real, here….The vast majority of this (once great) Nation, is now a steaming pile of Apathetic Liberals, weak minded fools, wimpy douchebags, & good for nothing freeloaders that want nothing more than to be ruled by a Socialist Tyrant! IN FACT, THEY BEG FOR IT! Our last 2 elections proved it. Our Country’s fate is now sealed. Take a look around…Ask ANY kid in school today, what the Constitution is, or what the 2nd Amendment is, or even the 1st Amendment, and they’ll stare at you like you have lobsters coming out of your ears. The Liberal Commies are winning, people… and NOBODY seems to give a shit! Most American’s should be seriously ASHAMED of what they’re ALLOWING to happen.

    This Country has seen it’s last hoo-rah…

    We have two options: Either get used to a Socialist Amerika, or get up off your lazy asses and do something about it!

  2. in the words of faithless… inaction is a weapon of mass destruction. To say eat shit is probably going a bit far but you have freedom of speech still so use it :) – and I agree with your sentiment if not your choice of words :)

    • America is gone he is right, when cops can pull over our women for allegedly throwing a cigarette butt out of their car window, and preform a full body search on the side of the road, which is out right rape, jamming their hands into their anus and vigana, America is gone. And for the men to allow this we deserve every bit of what is coming.

      WE HAVE BECOME COWARDS!!! To allow what is happening in America and for the men to stand down and not take up arms all across America, then we diserve what is coming; a Communist “Red Terror” in worse than what took place in Soviet Bolshevik Russia. EAT SHIT COWARDS!!!!

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