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Regarding Bernanke

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December 10, 2012 in Resistance


Monday, December 10, 2012  

I recently had the chance to listen to a particular lecture, given by Manley P. Hall, on Hermetic thought regarding archetypal concepts which emerge as chaos in the brain, bringing forth realizations and the like.  When it comes to the subject of “Ben Bernanke”, and particulars of that type, one has to consider that, to most of us, the subject is really “The hype and hysteria of the Bernanke thing” (Although perhaps not in  that phrasing, per se).  So, let’s break it down so we can see the image as it is.  

He is a “Chairman” of the “Federal Reserve”, and is responsible for “managing” the debt on “loans to the government”.  When his “image” causes “actions to occur”, it is perhaps seen as “corrupt”.  The fact that they would convince the “government” to “buy into QE1/2/3″ is not in itself indicative of the “greed” the “Federal Reserve”, but is instead the “consequence” of the “vaccuum” which was “broken assets” happening below that “vertical column”.    

And so, it is a matter of quantification, but methinks it takes a gambling man/men with great odds to have inherited these rewards.  

Does Bernanke have anything to do with the words “Solution”?  Would he abandon hype and hysteria for–wait, I forgot to trust myself to get over it and either find a solution or go with that flow.  Silly me ;)

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