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Re-Education Camp: America

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December 20, 2012 in Resistance


We live in a re-education camp already. From the public schools that indoctrinate our children to the media we gorge ourselves on, We are being educated to think a certain way.

We see it clearly on display in the news coverage of the shootings in CT. The anti-gun propaganda has been so effective that many young people today believe it is illegal to own a firearm. We see people on TV and online calling for the deaths of gun owners and defenders of the second amendment. As AG Eric Holder said they need to “Brainwash” a generation of kids to be anti-gun. Many are already so brainwashed they won’t even listen to valid arguments about the need to defend against tyranny.

Schools,TV,internet,movies,and music are all tools used to re-educate the ignorant masses and if you don’t accept the agenda they are pushing you are a racist, christian,homophobic redneck that they seem to believe deserves nothing short of death.

So, For those of you that think you need to wait for the FEMA camps before the re-education begins, you’re wrong. It’s already here.


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  1. Lol this is why Ron Paul advocates that the homeschooling movement is a MUST! We must re educate ourselves and our children! Again never let the government tell you whats right for you! Do it yourself and stop being lazy AMERICA!

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