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Quote du jour: On HAARP: Otter on Geo-Engineering Component:

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February 8, 2013 in Resistance


RE: “A Glimpse of Geo-Engineering Methodology”~~~ System Agenda~~~~ 

“Their flawed finite mentality, excessive pride laden sad lives are a forgone conclusion. Tyranny has always ultimately failed. Having studied, postulated refinements, another authoritarian incursion historically collapses as energy roams freely… Energy is… Energy begets existence endowed with freedom”…


With buildings for scale…


Gakona, Alaska Lat: 62.23.5 Lon: 145.8.8 …   Making it look like a small installation…

“I propose it is a matter of Awakening. For now, we use their systems to gather information”…     “Action with honor and truth, change the regurgitation that is what we call the past as it again confronts us from the unborn future…”          


                    You will note this Lat: and Lon: are not that of Gakona…                          


High Power Auroral Stimulation Observatory 
Fairbanks Alaska 
64° 52’ 19” N 146° 50’ 33” W

And we find, yet another reference to another Alaska facility…   There are so many, and we do not have the most current locations around the world… HAARP 101, and Chemtrail Aerosol Geo-Engineering Methodology coming next… The disinformation site that the U.S. Navy has written on,Gakona, Alaska…  
             Otter Walks on Two Feet… Survive-All…   08/02/13 

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