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Quote du jour: … From John Hancock…

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December 26, 2012 in Resistance



Portrait by John Singleton Copley,  1770-1772…  John Hancock Letter to George Washington…   Philadelphia JULY 6th. 1776…   

“Although it is not possible to foresee the consequences of human actions, yet it is, nevertheless, a duty we owe ourselves and posterity, in all our public councils, to decide in the best manner we are able, and to leave the event to that Being who controls both causes and events, to bring about his own determinations.”

Hancock’s political success benefited from the support of Samuel Adams, the clerk of the House of Representatives and a leader of Boston’s “popular party”, also known as “Whigs” and later as “Patriots”…  

Lots of great inter play between contemporary patriots. This seemed the time for this quote. If you know the history, Hancock was one of, if not the richest man, of the day.  Seems he was prone to displays in public, of elitist, gratuitous, in your face wealth. Though, it is good to note here that, he has no historic record of EVER having Owned, nor Purchased, nor Sold Slaves… His frivolity, and expenditures to the end of public notice, was generally frowned upon by all… The People of the Colonies where having trouble paying for their needs in life, and Governments needs for the Colonial Army, and the rebellion…  

He was 39 when he signed “The Declaration of Independence”.  

Commentary by Otter Walks on Two Feet…   26/12/12

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