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Query: Whois the bad guy.

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November 8, 2012 in Resistance


Over the last few weeks I have been talking with my co-workers regarding the state of the economy and the direction we are heading
I have a wide selection of compatriots as I’m sure many of you have.
The Listener – Asks questions and helps continue the discussion
The Library – Immediate reference, will constantly remind you when you have made a mistake.
The Reactor – (Not a spelling error by the way) Bullets, coolest new shiny, tactics, preparation and preparedness, more

Reactor (Hot-head, Get it?) is always of the frame of mind that we need to take the battle to the enemy, kick some doors down, and be done with it.
To that point I constantly enrage him by asking the 5 W’s.
Who would you attack? What institution would you attack? Where would you start? How is superfluous… but Why, most important.

Fighting a defensive war is grueling but simple: attack assets, hide your strongholds and move before they know you did.
But fighting an offensive war, to me, seems implausible.
Who is the bad guy?
How can you fight the idea of entitlement and how does one hold themselves to the morals when there has been no outright aggression?

I suppose vaccines could be seen as a weapon, but who is attacking? The nurse who injects you, should their ignorance sentence them to death?
Fluoridation is a chemical weapon (we all know which molecular composition is the bad one), does that mean the truck driver who dumps it is the offender? The politician who took a bribe and voted for it? The employees of the aluminium plant who manufactured it?
When the gun confiscation comes, who again is the bad guy? The cop/ nation guardsman who comes to take it? The politician who voted for it?
I admit that gun confiscation is an offensive action, and that is the point where offensive and defensive become one, but I also believe the point still stands.
If you cast blame to everyone involved you become a terrorist, if you could track down the one person responsible you are an assassin, and will have to summon Hercules before the hydra would finally die.

Is my thought process incorrect or faulty?

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