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Programming the masses!

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February 12, 2013 in Resistance


All these movies are slated to be released this year – 2013.

G.I. Joe 2 – “The US has been taken over by Cobra! Chinese year of the serpent. It has already happened.”
Star Trek Into Darkness - “Where we are heading now in 2013!”
Monsters University - “Monster training to drain the life force out of children.”
Upside Down – “Up above, down below – characters from 2 worlds are looking for a way to be together.”
Evil Dead - “Remake of the 1980′s horror, evil forces are called in using the necronomicon – book of the dead.”
Olympus Has Fallen – “Washington DC is attacked. The chinese take the White House, which is code name Olympus”
The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones – “Monster stories are true – Chosen one called – Half angel half human”
Pacific Rim – “Huge GIANTS – Monsters attack from below through a portal in the sea. Metal giants are made to battle the monsters.”
After Earth – “Everything has evolved to kill humans on a future earth.”
Man of Steel – “A fictional savior who will change the world and is suppose to protect us when 3 aliens attack.”
The Croods – “Animated caveman family, the world is ending.”
The Heat – “A so called comedy about an abusive, law breaking pair of FBI agents.” Sound familiar?
Jurassic Park 3D – “Dinos are back in 3D. Genetically engineered giants from the past have returned!”
Jack the Giant Slayer – “The nephilim are returning from above to conquer the mortals below!”
Epic – “Animated – Mystical unseen forest protectors fight back.”
The Host – “Humanity is almost extinct. Aliens steal humans, erase their minds and inhabit their bodies!”
World War Z – “Zombie apocalypse where the UN kills everyone who isn’t with them! The useless eaters, as they call us. Z is the last.”
Side Effects – “Big Pharma drugs causing people to commit terrible crimes and Big Pharma try and cover it up.”
Die Hard 5: A good day to die – “Enough said.”
Carrie – “Remake of 1980′s film. Girl uses satanic powers to get revenge on everyone.”

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2 responses to Programming the masses!

  1. They’re all remakes, from the 80s. Maybe Terrance McKenna was right, novelty did peter out on Dec 21.

  2. Now those are films I will not see! Like Disney channel, Syfi channel and network channels, its all crap!

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